Wednesday, 18 September 2013


What I love about Russian bodybuilder Alexey Lesukov…

- The bonkers combination of those impossibly cute boyish looks and…

- That huge mountain of monstrous muscle MASS he has the nerve to call his body!

- Those tits! Those massive, mammoth, thick, plump, pumped fucking tits which are so damn fucking big they practically look morphed!

- Those incredibly huge mounds of hard pumped paper thin skin wrapped bicep muscle which outrageously explode either side of his (cute) head!

- That fucking ass! That apologetically HUGE, juicy fucking muscle ass which never looks better when it’s being hugged by…

- Those hot hot wafer thin shiny gold posing trunks he clearly loves to sport whenever he gets the chance.

What you guys love about Russian bodybuilder Alexey Lesukov (taken from comments from my numerous past Alexey posts)…

Instant hard on when he has them gold posers on!

Massive baby-faced powerhouse!

He looks like he's morphed...but he's not! Those massive plump melon sized muscle man tits are the biggest bone inducing pecs I've ever laid eyes on. The way they hang over the shelf of his roided boy belly is insane!

Instant boner seeing his massive roid gut. His muscle ass is going to need its own zip code soon.

Looks like a mutant freak boy and I mean that in the best possible way

Gorgeous tits - yes I am a pecs man! They could almost be morphed. It hardly seems fair that they're real.

The monster slabs of muscle tit on Alexey are insane. Seeing him in work out videos pump those those insanely massive tits has gotten my rocks off on many occasions.

FUCK that body is so ball-emptying and when you factor in THE cutest damn face, like EVER, well it's a wonder there are any straight men left in the world with gay wet dreams in human form like Big Al waddling around. I know if I attempted to plough that enormous pair of butt-hams he has the cheek to call his arse I'd be swallowed whole into that meaty crack of doom never to be seen or heard from again.....but what a way to go! Love him, want him, need him.

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  1. You said it all muscleaddict! alexey lesukov is an invitation pederasty his baby face mixed with your monster body stud drive me crazy .
    what the fuckin ass is this? Love your mammoth ass and those and those succulent tits.
    say muscleaddicts How tall is alex lesukov? Can it get bigger? thanks

  2. Do we know his current stats? chest arms quads etc?

  3. freaky obscenely ,hulk this boy is gorgeous .I´d suck those nipples like a calf. and his massive quads seems a trunk. Alexey is the most handsome and muscular you've posted here on the blog. congratulations...

  4. yes, he's just so impressive and the beard is so hot. on the beach shots are a young muscle and man playground i'd love to play on all day. there are no pecs to CUM close to those that would no doubt take a day to lick both musclegod tits and i would be more than happy to wear my tongue out trying. his relaxed pose is fucking hot because those massive young dream PECS just explode no matter if he's flexed or not. he' just beyond anything out there. WOOF!!!!! great body of horn dreams addict. thanks.

  5. Fuck this big boy has the best muscle tits in the world. I don't know how he can stand up straight with those plump babies hanging off him! Nice to see him posing on muscle gallery...guess he doesn't mind the fact that horned up male muscle worshippers are getting off on him

  6. I'm a total Alexei-junkie. Those muscle-tits get me every time and I have to unload on a daily basis. Beautiful swollen mounds of pec meat that am aching to be sucked on.

  7. Massive muscle tits make Alexey the king of the pumped and massive muscle gods. Those tits get me off every time and yes they deserve to be handle and on sucked on daily basis.

  8. Russian bodybuilder are hot bautiful beasts! alexey is a bull full of testosterone ! his glutes are immense as cannon balls and those tits look like balloons exploding! Alexey lesukov is most perfect bodybuilder of the all world . I want to see it even more will be possible?

  9. Calm down all you muscle tit-men! What about those insane delts? Me, I love it when bodybuilders stand relaxed and you see those great boulders of last forcing their areas away from their bodies. Then when they pose and do a lat spread! - oh God! I wanna be there to feel it all up and make them feel how they are more than mere mortals!

  10. Had the privilege of seeing alexey lesukov in person...
    Oufff Incredible his huge monster ass is huge! i can´t control myself my cock got hard. webmaster please more of alexey naked

  11. The Biggest, Best Built & Most Handsome Man -- EVER!! I´d Like To See His Upgrade Posts Every Week

  12. alexey is a mamooth ! please post him again in hot pics!


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