Friday, 13 September 2013


Since turning pro two years ago at the first Amateur Mr Olympia, Sami Al Haddad has fast become one of the most well known and popular Arabian bodybuilders in the business. One look at Sami and it's not hard to see why. For a start just LOOK at THAT FUCKING BOD!! There's just this incredible fucking quality to Sami's beef...thick and pumped and juicy balloons of bunched up blown up muscle just hanging off him and blowing and bulging off his frame. Not least of all those two thick cushions of beef hanging off his fucking chest (FUCK YEAH) and those fucking big, hard, juicy, beautiful looking ABS! FUCK THOSE ABS!! Totally fucking jaw (and pant) dropping!! He also happens to be a bit of a sexy bugger...*and* totally fucking cocky and cheeky onstage! He is just the most AWESOME poser. Scrunching up that mush like "EEEEE"...biting down on his bottom lip like "HMMPPFF" and arrogantly snapping that mouth wide open like "ARRRHHH" as he's squeezing it tight and cranking it HARD on stage. You gotta fucking LOVE *those* one hand on quad Most Muscular's he loves to BLAST out with that OTT mouth roar. RAAAAARRRR!! FUCK YEAH SAMI!! There's so much fucking power, testosterone and arrogance seeping from every single fucking inch of Sami's mountain of pumped beyond belief mass! Sami has become a major threat to 212 pro bodybuilding in recent years, placing 2nd in 3 of the biggest pro shows last year, including the Mr Olympia. He repeated this at the New York pro, having being beaten only by Jose Raymond. Surely it's only a matter of time before Sami beats off competition from the other 212 guys and grab himself another title?!


  1. Addict - what about Essa Obaid's glutes and body--? I think you have overlooked those two mountainous striated mounds of man meat and he always wears glute exposing posers like Thomas Benagli.

  2. No doubt he is a handsome dude, and now he's shedding that placid temperament on stage, he looks alot better.


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