Saturday, 7 September 2013



#1. The gorgeous/handsome/sexy/studly good looks complete with...

#2. The loveliest/cheekiest/craziest bordering on Joker-esque cheeky chappie smile!

#3. The fact that not only is he a 5"7 mountain of pumped up, beefed up, juiced up mass which bulges and explodes in every imaginable direction, but every inch of his insanely thick muscular bod also happens to be...

#4. Sliced and diced like you wouldn't believe, inhumanely fucking RIPPED beyond imagination, peeled and fucking cut to razor sharp degrees and jaw droppingly SHREDDED to fuckity fucking FUCK! Every single carved out, granite hard body part is incredible, not least of all...

#5. Those lovely big lumpy bumpy wavy lined abbers which fucking BURST through his tummy like they're trying their damn fucking hardest to break free from the prison of that tight tight skin...

#6. Those two beautiful thick plump balloons of beef bulging of his fucking chest which look like they were carved out of fucking marble, and not to mention...

#7. That big ole juicy fucking bubble butt which looks like someone shoved two fucking bowling balls down the pack of his undies/trunks!

#8. The fact that he flexes/poses/cranks the beef with THE shit fucking hottest/most powerful/arrogant/aggressive/cocky/cheeky/superior fucking TUDE imaginable. Don't believe me? Then check out...

#9. The fucking facial expressions he pulls as he shows off his freaky carved out powerhouse of mighty muscle for the audience/camera! The way he shamelessly fucking sker-unches up that hot little mush of his like "ooooh...FUCK YEAH...check me out fuckers", grits his fucking teeth jam shut, purses his lips like "HOOO...I'm such a fucking BEAST", flashes that crazy manic fucking grin, and outrageously opens that mouth wide like he's fucking roaring/shouting at the audience like some kind of fucking animal!!

#10. The fact the dude is only 24! Twenty-fucking-four and already (in my eyes) one of the hottest pro bodybuilders on the planet competing (and doing fucking well) against seasoned pro veterans and some of the most well respected guys in the game!

Click here for my original Aaron post last year when he was still a new kid on the scene, and here for the follow up earlier this year!!


  1. Freakin' AWESOME mate!! Can this dude crank the 'tude up ANY more??? Flex? Check! Pump? Check! Squeeze? Check! Strain? Check! Grimace? Check! All of the above?? You fuckin betcha!!!!

  2. beyond magnificent!!!!! a young out of this world muscled dream that CUMS along once in maybe 10 years, so incredibly thick, carved, full and totally gorgeous that he leaves you completely drained. besides his young super muscled body grinding out poses that take your breath away, those red posers packed with a slab of manrail puts me over the edge. WOW!!!!!!! great post addict with one of the wetest dreams out there.

  3. It's about the selfies dude! Whoa those red posers packing a huge punch. Soooo much striated muscle gets me going. This mans a brute. A big roided up muscle bound straight tough talking gym rat. I'd like to be his pussy . He looks like a man primed for major pussy fucking. Hot! Loving theses posts man...

  4. Aaron Clark is NUCLEAR POWER-PACKED TESTOSTERONE!!!! He is so over the top masculine & HOTTT!!! So much POWER!!!! It's like he set the volume all the way up. If I looked like him, I would be ALL attitude. He knows he's a GOD, and the rest should bow down and worship him!!!

  5. Oops, I made a mess (several times). I've been obsessed with Aaron since he made his first appearance on But he's a huge, striated to fuck, pumped, oiled, rippling, super masculine, dominant, powerful Super God. Words cannot express how badly I want to get down on my knees and be his subservient, pathetic muscle slave. What an awesome Muscle God!

  6. Aaron is one super pumped muscle god! Massive striated muscle that does not stop. Those massive glutes, damn fucking hot. Super thick pecs and thick massive veiny guns - swoon! Thanks for this awesome post and the great vids.

  7. OMFG I barely made it past that first instagram pic (#instagasm!). Gotta add my two cents to the chorus of admirers here...while I was kinda ehhhh about Aaron when he was a teen (not separated enough for my taste) he has DEFINITELY grown into such a fucking carved up, peeled, striated roid monkey. WOOF!!! That grimace alone is enough to compel a magic, private moment in my pants (splat!). Go for it, Aaron!! fuck yeah!!! My favorite pic (other than the GODLIKE NY Pro pics that I can't even look at or I'll waste the whole day jackin' off) is the "cheeky" shot of him sneaking a glute pic at the gym. OMFG!!!! Love, love, LOVE that Mr. Clark.


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