Saturday, 28 September 2013


The biggest bodybuilding show on the planet is taking place this weekend in Vegas. Some of the biggest beasts and most monstrous freaks in bodybuilding are cranking/posing/squeezing/flexing it out on the 2013 Mr Olympia stage. The prejudging took place last night and the final show will commence this evening. Phil looks amazing, Kai looks crazy, Jay looks awesome and Ramy looks fucking monstrous, but who will get the biggest and most sought after title in bodybuilding and be crowned this years Mr Olympia?

The three big front runners are of course, two time and current Mr Olympia Phil “The Gift” Heath, four time Mr Olympia champion Jay Cutler, who is making his first stage appearance in two years, and last year’s runner up Kai Greene. Although Jay looks great, it's hard not to compare his physique to what it used to be, and it's fair to say, although incredibly impressive, it's not quite what it was during his days as the champion. Phil and Kai are both monstrously huge and insanely shredded but I have to admit I've always struggled a bit with Kai. No doubt he is a serious contender here and probably the biggest threat to Phil, and I'm all for size and conditioning which Kai has in abundance (you only have to look at those out of this world shredded fucking quads for proof of the latter) but aesthetics is also really important and for me, this is what Kai lacks, and where Phil has the edge. Phil is not only huge and ripped, but the shape, look and quality of his muscles, the lines which separate them, and the way everything on his physique just flows together is nothing short of fucking beautiful. Kai's physique on the other hand is a little blocky and awkward looking, and his overall physique just lacks the shape and quality of Phil's.

Also hoping for a placing in the top five, a monstrous looking Dennis Wolf, one time Mr O champ, ab encrusted turtle shell tummy sporter and outrageously cocky facial expression perfecter Dexter Jackson, a fucking bonkers looking Roelly Winklaar who is just huge beyond reason and peeled to the brink, last year's third placed competitor Shawn Rhoden who looks crazy impressive, with those beautifully shaped thick quads, hard tight stacked little ab bricks, and one hell of an awesome pink posing trunk covered ass, and possibly the bodybuilder who I was most looking forward to seeing, and definitely one of my current favourite pros, Egyptian muscle monster Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay, making his Olympia debut looking like some kind of grotesquely massive superhuman lab mutated muscle FREAK of nature!

Amongst the competitors in the show are some of my favourite current pro bodybuilders, including American monster Evan Centopani, who looks thick, full, solid and shredded but looking at the other competitors might struggle to crack into the top ten, the hard, grainy, veiny, dense mass of superhuman muscle that is Branch Warren, Steve Kuclo who is also making his debut on the Olympia stage, but while looking awesome, might be heading for a low placing given the quality of other competitors, the always shredded Iranian muscle freak Baitollah Abbaspour, and Olympia veteran Johnnie Jackson who I love for many reasons, one of which being those outrageously cocky, over the top animated facial expressions he pulls as he rips up the stage and flexes the beef!

And completing the line up, Olympia veteran and American muscle daddy supreme Toney Freeman, this years Toronto pro champion Victor Martinez, Polish muscle bull Robert Piotrkowicz, the huge, thick, juicy mountain of muscle mass that is Lionel Beyeke, this years FIBO winner, American muscle beast Cedric McMillan, Arabian muscle freak Essa Obaid, and an impressively monstrous looking Brandon Curry.

Who is your favourite competitor from this year's show? Have your say in the poll below..


  1. Excellent post addict. Ive always liked Jay but Im rooting for Phil.

  2. Very smart overview, addict. We have remarkably similar taste! I think Phil is headed for a three-peat. Love Jay as always, but he's looked better. Kai doesn't do anything for me. Would love to see Shawn Rhoden in the top five or four. He's stunning. Best abs in the show and (arguably) the best glutes. Shawn and PHil need to have an all-ass posedown!

    1. Thanks mate. I think Shawn should place well. I have to admit I didn't pay a huge amount of attention to him until recently when I came across a video of him competing. The quads are just outstanding, so much thickness, and of course...that ass is incredible! He never looks like the most animated poser in his pics but when you see him in videos there's a real cocky/sexy vibe to his posing. Definitely one of those bodybuilders for whom pictures don't do him justice. Liking the idea of that ass posedown too...gotta throw Ramy in the line up too!

  3. Big Ramy and Baitollah Abbaspour have the best quads I've ever seen. Why are Arab men the most sexiest men of the world?

  4. My top 6 placing predictions:
    1) Heath
    2) Greene
    3) Wolf
    4) Rhoden
    5) Obbaid
    6) D Jackson

  5. no doubt Big ramy is the most fuckin freak muscle bodybuilder of world! but my fav bodybuilder is Roelly winkllar it´s so massive and beautiful ! PERFECT
    my top 5
    Roelly winkllar - handsome bull
    big ramy- freak monters
    baitollah- massive bull
    Wolf- pumpped
    branch warren- fuckin quads

  6. Roelly looks like a fucking GOD!!! The MAN is blazingly HOT!!!! I like his overall package the best - and a pretty sizable package too (if you know what I mean ;)).


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