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A few months ago I did a post on big bad pro mass muscle monster Tomas Bures, the first in a series of posts featuring Czech bodybuilders. Now it's time for Czech muscle hottie #2 in the form of Petr Brezna, who isn't a million miles away from Tomas on the muscle spectrum. If a bull made love to a brick shit house and they miraculously conceived a baby, it would probably look a bit like Petr. The dude is a BEAST and a fucking half! A powerhouse of thick hard solid dense muscle mass. He's a handsome bloody bugger too. Hyper fucking macho and super fucking sexy. WOOF WOOF LADS! And as much as I love bodybuilders who sport completely bald heads, I have to say Petr looks so bloody hot with his barely there buzz cut. Petr's facial expressions when he's showing off his mountain of thick hard man meat seem to range from an adorable, almost apologetic "yeah, sorry about all this grotesquely huge muscle mass bulging off my bones which granted makes me look an absolute fucking TANK but I'm a nice guy really...honest I am" smile, to a slightly cocky/smug "yeeeeah, I KNOW I'm shit fucking hot lads but what can ya do about it" smirk, to an uber-arrogant "GRRRRR...FUCK YEAH...I'm huge and pumped from head to fucking toe...I'm a superhuman fucking muscle freak and guess what? I fucking LOVE IT" teeth gritted give-it-to-em-mean face scrunch! Make some noise and show some love for this 100% pure fucking testosterone fuelled, sexy and handsome as bloody hell, sometimes lovely, sometimes cheeky, sometimes nasty looking Czech muscle BULL!!

Part 3 featuring another hot as fuckity fuck Czech muscle freak coming soon! Any guesses who??

More Czech bodybuilders:




  1. Other pics of him I ;ove :

  2. He's a brute, but you know he's also a cuddler!

  3. "Part 3 featuring another hot as fuckity fuck Czech muscle freak coming soon! Any guesses who?"

    A wild guess (the highly sexual) "Lucas Osladil" perhaps?

    The Czechs like the Hungarians have a large number of unknown bodybuilders.
    Will you also be going through Slovak bodybuilders at some stage too?

    Thanks for throwing the spotlight on them.

    1. Hehe..good guess mate! There are quite a few Czech bodybuilders on my radar mate...Lucas, Tomas Kaspar, Radek Lonc, Pavel Vacek, Slavoj Bednar & Ondrej Mlaka to name a few so I might have to do a big Czech Bodybuilders post featuring all these guys at some point!

      As for Slovak guys mate, other than that dry as a bone, so fucking bonkers conditioned he barely looks human, sexy/mean looking fucker Miha Zupin, who is the proud owner of one of the hardest/dryest/nastiest/freakiestasses on the planet, and the ever gorgeous, ripped to rippery Stefan Havlik and his lovely, deeply carved up ab encrusted tummy, I'm not that familiar with many unfortunately. I might have to do a bit of research, or if you know any other names let me know mate & ill happily look them up.

    2. So many big names you reeled off from the Czech Republic.

      From Slovakia Andrej Mozolani, and one of my fav discoveries from last year Lubomir Krhut(not massive), but well muscled and sexy as ...


  4. Another great post mate, dayum those grey undies and blue posers he's got have seen some serious flex action!! If he's not ripping it up onstage he's out flexing somewhere with his sweats down and his keks on show for everyone to see, I mean wouldn't that just look SILLY on any normal dude?? Of course it would, but freaks like this big lad sure aren't normal, and I fuckin love it!!!

  5. Sorry MA how could I forget Vladimir Flimel, Marian Cambal, Andrej Hlinka and Michael Mokos

    1. Wow matie...thanks for the names of these Slovak muscle freaks! Only familiar with 1 or 2 so a lot of new names for me. Lubomir = funky looking dude, almost a bit gawky but cute and kind of adorable with it! Just came across the hottest fucking pic of him cheekily pulling up the side of his shorts to show one of his freaky as fuck hard dry lumpy muscle sportin' glutes. FUCK! Andrej isn't really doing it for me looks wise but he's packing some seriously awesome and chunky looking beef. Those arms are fucking lethal!! When he MM's his triceps just fucking BULGE out, miles away from the rest of him! Marian I recognised instantly. Not the biggest, freakiest or most all out shredded muscle lad out there but FUCK is he sexy! A gorgeous, cheeky, slightly rough (WOOF WOOF) looking bugger. Only managed to find a few pics of Hlinka. Looks more like a fucking Maths teacher than a bodybuilder! That head does NOT match that body which is always pretty fucking awesome even if perhaps he doesn't really do it for me. Mokos = big butch macho meathead tattooed sporting lughead looking fucker. And how the fuck could I forget about Vladimir Flimel...proud owner of some of the THICKEST fucking pecs I've seen on an amateur guy. Not to mention the fucking TUDE! This lad knows how to show the goods and crank up the fucking tude when he's letting rip on stage! The dude just turns into a fucking ANIMAL when he's on that stage! GRUFF!! Thanks again for this've definitely given me the idea for at least a post on Slovak bodybuilders, featuring some of the above! Wonder if there's many other ripped to fuckery Slovak muscle hotties out there??

  6. MA
    Lubomir, agreed is gawky. But you can see he is a thin guy, that has worked hard and with sheer determination has grabbed handfuls of muscle and has stuck them to his body.

    Lubomir working biceps

    He's got big legs, and to me is pretty sexy.

    and this one

    Nice symmetry

    Andrej Mozolani, agreed is not appealing to me, but as you say he's packed with beef. The dude has a nice attitude when on stage. Somewhat of a toned down Steve Orton (yep, he's laid down the standard for a good attitude on stage).

    Andrew sporting a little 'tude

    Marian, agreed is blessed with a large dose of sex appeal to complement his decent physqiue.

    Marian in competition

    Andrej Hlinka, totally agreed with what you say. The mismatch of his head and his muscular body is great. Not a natural musclehead, but nevertheless he has forced his way into the ranks of muscledom. Another silently sexy individual.

    Andrey without his shirt

    Michael Mokos is what you may expect a bodybuilder to be, you could say a perfect fit.

    Vladimir Flimel, I remember him from that duel with Tom Young you posted. How could I forget. Flimel rightly beat Young, he had more muscle on every part of him, and was fierce with his pursuit of that title. Yeah, his 'tude is up there amongst the best. Totally hot posing.

    For some other names in Slovak bodybuilding check this out

    Use Prev or Next to move around

    I'm pretty sure you've heard of this guy

    Richard Cienky



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