Friday, 2 August 2013


It's been a good few months since I dedicated a post to pictures of carved up, superhuman muscle mutants squeezing the beef and flexing the goods in their homes/bathroooms/bedrooms/kitchens so I think it's about time to remedy that!

Some personal favourites from this set...

The first pic of American muscle freak Aaron Clark taking a cheeky snap of his roided up man meat in the mirror, looking like an absolute fucking BULL, big hard blocks of ab muscle bursting through his tummy!

The 2nd pic of that cheeky little roid monkey Bostin Loyd, boxers bunched up to show off his thick hard faintly defined quadders, uber-arrogant look on his hot lil mush as he takes a selfie of his own outrageously hard, getting more shredded by the minute boy beef.

The 3rd close up shot of American cutie Chris Bohonyi rocking a one armed ab crunch, that granite hard, thinly skinned muscle gawping up at the camera, striations spread over that rippling chest, those fantastic, stacked up lil' rectangle shaped tummy muscles crunch-crunch-crunching away, each one separated by deep cuts and lines, begging to be traced by a finger or two! Any takers?!

The 4th pic of the unknown, bloody gorgeous faced hottie ( fucking CUTE is this guy?) blasting a front lat spread in his kitchen, smooth hard gym pumped boy beef bulging out in all directions, wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of *the* fucking HOTTEST, tightest, brightest, super shiniest, emerald green posing trunks! He also pops up later on in the post squeezing a front double bicep in some equally hot sparkly bright red trunkies, and looking just as fucking gorgeous!

The 9th pic of uber-gorgeous, Latin-American muscle boy Santi Aragon (who pops up a few times here) cranking a (hot tight) abs & (shredded feathered) thighs with the CUTEST/cheekiest/"fuck yeah check THIS me work it fuckers...EEEEEE...cop a load o' THAT" grin! Santi is just impossibly fucking cute and downright bloody gorgeous! And then there's all that smooth hard shredded rippling grade A muscle he's sporting. Check the abs! NO fucking body fat on that tight little carved up midsection what-so-fuckin-ever! And check the quads! Two mini tree trunks of hard rippled bumpy bulgy leg meat!

And a few others worth noting...the pic of Brandon Lyons fucking YANKING up his fire engine red posing trunks as he blasts a front lat spread for the camera...the pic of a fucking bonkers conditioned Adorthus Cherry blowing up his biceps in a yellow beanie and outrageous pink/purple wet look trunkies...the one featuring a freaky looking Fred Smalls cranking a hands on quads Most Muscular, everything dry dry dry, hard as freakin' nails and huge as fucking FUCK...and the awesome shot of that freakishly huge, handsome faced American muscle stud Justin Compton rocking his own beef bulging MM, every superhero-sized muscle looking like it's about to burst through his so-thin-it-barely-looks-human skin!


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  1. Hi, I love your blog, keep up the good work, could you tell me who this on your blog post, "Roids Bulls & Beef Monsters"?

    Here's his photo,

  2. the fourth guy is rj mcleod. he has quite a bit of anti gay stuff on his fb page, kinda puts me off.

    1. Unfortunately that link is dead but I looked up RJ and its not definitely NOT him mate.

      Oh and I've never understood how you can be an anti-gay bodybuilder. Know your audience!!

  3. always love the at home posts addict. the messy rooms with laundry piled up. would love to stay and clean up their rooms if they let me stay the night and clean them up after i've had my way with them. any or all of them would do very nicely. WOOF!!!WOW!!!SLURP!!!

  4. Fantastic selection as ever mate! That pic of Brandon Lyons, could he yank those fucking trunks up any further????!!!! Love that expression on his face, one of a true muscle building freak!!

    1. I'm right there with you mate. Such an awesome fucking shot. Trunks yanked the fuck up as far as they'll stretch (YOINK), so much rock hard shredded quad meat on display, staring right at the camera, face all arrogantly scrunched up like "oooof...gotta hoist these straps up as far as they'll go as I blast a front lat spread...BAM...everything's so fucking huge and hard right have NO freakin' idea how good it feels to be this fucking dry and shredded...FUCK YEAH...I'm such a fucking FREAK right now and you know it"!

  5. I think these belong to Erik Fankhouser
    His legs are surreal

    Dan Newmire is pretty damn hot, but is hugely underated.

    Compton we all know rocks the house.

    Santi Aragon, what an adonis!!!

    On a different note: We shouldn't be too surprised if many competitors come out with anti-gay comments. Maybe they think by not making anti-gay statements they could be perceived as embracing a gay audience. You know people like to follow the herd kind of thing.

    Great post.


  6. Another glorious collection, addict. I love the Santi Aragon competed again just recently. We didn't have any new pics of him for more than year -- and now he's (thankfully) everywhere again. What a power-packed little breast. You know he'd be just fine with anyone worship that rockin' bod of his!

    1. Thanks matie. I'm with you on the Santi front. I'm fucking crazy about this gorgeous little pocket rocket of shredded up boy beef at the moment. I suppose I should do something with the 100+ new pics I have of him at some point ;)

  7. BEYOND GORGEOUS! You called it right! Santi Aragon is unbelievable and keeps improving.
    Hot abs and hard muscle - What I dream of.

  8. yes addict, by all means do a new post on SANTI. that muscle pic of the day of him is so hot. that young adorable, testos engorged, thick ripped to shreds heart throb is what they mean by PRIME BEEF, just wish you could pick them out of a desplay case in the supermarket like regular beef. thanks for the great post.

  9. Yes to more NEW Santi!


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