Sunday, 18 August 2013


ARABIAN BODYBUILDER KAMAL ELGARGNI!! HO. LEE. FUCK!! Look at those huge thick tremendous slabs of pec meat bulging off his chest! Look at those hard juicy tight tight tight, stunningly fucking beautiful and amazingly symmetrical ab blocks! Look at those two thick hard braided tree trunk ever tensing quadders! Look at those big bulging croquet ball shaped mounds of bicep muscle threatening to burst through that dangerously thin skin! Look at how all those mounds of pumped to buggery, inhumanely huge, hard as fuckity fuck man beef is cling wrapped in the most fucking beautiful looking, silky smooth skin! Look how he fucking plasters that skin with the deeply darkest, crazy shiniest tan and oil when he's stepping on stage to flex the beef and crank the goods! Look at how he gets all of that greasy shiny tan all over his fucking posing trunks (the mucky fucking pup)! Look at those super sexy, hyper masculine, beyond handsome looks (THROB)! Look at that bloody heart melting, boxer tightening, impossibly fucking GORGEOUS smile (SWOON)! Basically...just fucking LOOK at this insanely HOT, dangerously sexy, inhumanely muscular, phenomenally fucking SHREDDED Arabic mountain of hardcore bodybuilding man meat!!


  1. He is so HOT. Perfect symmetry! Fantastic!

  2. oh god !freak! i´m wet he´s a buffalo !dammmmmmmmmmm!

  3. OMFG I'm fucking speechless!!! Gorgeous good looks, full muscle just hanging off the bone and ACHINGLY beautiful abs just begging for my tongue between those deep cuts. It's all about that SYMMETRY--hold a fucking mirror up to bisect his torso and he'll look exactly the same!!! So fucking aesthetically pleasing, I'm getting red and starting to pant--oops gotta go take care of something that just came up...


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