Tuesday, 27 August 2013


There are some seriously fucking awesome, criminally fucking CUTE, insanely fucking HOT young American bodybuilders on the scene at the moment. From the lesser known newcomers like that cheeky little tongue flashing, roid gobbling chimp Bostin Loyd, that inhumanely fucking SHREDDED, dry as a bone pretty boy Chris Bohonyi and super pumped, cute as hell, mini beef monster Lukas Duncan (who I'll be doing a post on soon), to the more established muscle studs like that freakishly ripped up cutie patootie teen bodybuilder Cody Montgomery, that fucking beautiful, cartoonishly muscular beef hottie Raciel Castro and All American pro bodybuilding stud muffin Dallas McCarver. Now it's time for another young bodybuilding stud who I've come across recently in the form of...Jordan Michael Janowitz! WHAT. A. BLOODY. CUTIE!! This guy is so "me" it's not even funny. The bloody gorgeous, uber-cute, adorable as fuck, boyish but masculine good looks, along with that hot butch lil' buzz cut (WOOF WOOF), those lovely pretty eyes of his and that gorgeous grin which would have any elderly person with semi-good vision cooing over him and making every attempt to pinch his cute lil' chipmunk cheeks (Granny Janowitz herself must be sooooo proud of her "little cherub" and probably insists on sewing his name in to the back of his shiny posing trunks in case someone tries to pinch them), the thick, compact, chunky monkey beef packed bod (PHWOOOARRR) and the way he scrunches and screws up that lovely little mush of his into the most adorably cute fucking facial expressions when he's cranking the beef, and animatedly poofs out his cheeks as he's blowing his shit up on stage, which makes him look like Popeye's long lost fucking son! It's just all so fucking HOT!! I'm always curious as to what kind of reaction a post featuring a new, fairly unknown bodybuilder will get. My guess on this occasion is that I'm not going to the only beef junkie out there who likes this adorably bloody cute, painfully fucking sexy, and dangerously bleeding HOT, face scrunchin', cheek poofin', poser trunk fillin' mountain of pumped up, carved out, blown up mini muscle mass!!





  1. I think he's pretty stunning. When you compare the photos lower down in the sequence to the more recent one's he's gone from a diamond in the rough to a pure dazzling gem.
    He's very symmetrical, dense and hot as...

    This picture is great,

    Great attitude

    I love everything about it, from his buzz cut to his focussed concentration on building muscle and his delight at what he's doing.

    He's definitely a sticky finger candidate.


  2. OMG YES addict, adorable and that infectious smile, the young massive split biceps and that crab pose, those huge traps explode, only to add to total young muscle lust on stage at the jr. nats with another young gorgeous muscle dream, ALLEN RICHARDS, WOW!!!!!! thank god there is plenty of young magnificent muscled genetics CUMMING on all the time. great post addict, and please keep the young muscle studs cumming.

    1. Anonymous, agreed Allen Richards is pretty damned decent, and very hot. Thank you for raising his name here.


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