Thursday, 15 August 2013



#3. ABS

Tight carved up midsections. Freakishly ripped, beautifully shaped ab blocks! Inhumanly fucking SHREDDED, deeply grooved “oh fuck I’m gonna spunk my trunks in 2 second fucking flat” abber dabbers! Abs which look like they’re about to burst through the owners tight like a drum, dangerously thin cling wrap skin when crunched the fuck up into an abs & thighs pose! Big ole turtle shell ab blocks which burst and blow and pop pop pop through the owners tum tum like they‘re trying their damn hardest to escape and break through that shockingly thin, tan covered, oil soaked skin, shadowing shiny brightly coloured poser encased bulges (FUCK YEAH)! One quirky and rarely done move, similar to quad wobbling, which drives me fucking nuts, is when a carved out, pumped to the brink, shredded from ear to fucking arsehole, no doubt handsome and cute as fuckity fuck muscle freak cranks out the vacuum pose! It’s so breathtakingly freaky to see a ripped to the bone beef monkey, unexpectedly, and out of fucking nowhere SUCK his six beautifully carved out, deeply separated blocks of ab meat right into his stomach like “shooooooooppp”, leaving a hollow space underneath the ribcage of the roid stuffed owner where those fucking gorgeous, ripped up bricks of abdominal Heaven sat not one second before…and then in the blink of a muscle loving eye…BAM…those flat out freaky as fuck, hard, stacked crotch dampening aberoonies are back, crunched to fucking fuck, just as shockingly shredded and out of this world beautiful as before. Another thing guaranteed to make my boxers suddenly feel like they’ve shrunk to half their size is when a rippity ripped up muscle stud CRANKS out a nut busting, skin tightening, muscle crunching abs & thighs, and loudly huffs/exhales/blows out air as he SLAMS into the pose like “hmmpppfff…YEAH”! FUUUUUCK!! Yoink! There goes my boxers. One of the flat out hottest examples of this I’ve seen recently is at around the 9:32 mark of this video, featuring that painfully cute, ripped to the fucking brink and back American muscle hottie Chris Bohonyi! JAW. ON. FLOOR. EYEBALLS. POPPING. OUT. TUMMY. ALL. STICKY. BOXERS NOW BUNCHED AND SCRUNCHED INTO A STICKY CRUMPLED BALL IN THE CORNER OF MY BEDROOM!!

To be continued…


  1. great post addict. right off the bat, the first pic, young, stunning, butch, beard and baseball cap muscled stud. WOOF!!!! yes, young chris bohonyi, everything you ever creamed over is this young beyond gorgeous, ripped to shreds, incredible man packed posers drop dead stallion. great, great post. thanks.

  2. I always found abs to be a total turn-on, totally fucking sexy. And the only thing better than a rock-solid six-pack is a rock-solid eight pack.


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