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Last month I posted part 1 of 2 posts featuring 20 of hottest/cutest/sexiest, most ripped/shredded/cut, cheekiest/cockiest and all round fucking AWESOME bodybuilders of the year so far. Amongst the 10 featured in part 1...uber gorgeous German beef hottie Roman Fritz (WOOF WOOF), peeled and shredded young American muscle freak Aaron Clark (FUCK YEAH), freakishly fucking veiny pro mass superstar Jose Raymond, insanely gorgeous, ridiculously handsome, bald butch American muscle daddy Mark Dugdale, young hot, built like a fucking tank, sexy as fucking HELL and proud owner of one of the biggest/hottest/all round fucking amazing ASSES I think I've ever fucking seen Steve Orton, 24 year old bloody gorgeous All American muscle stud and fast becoming a fucking MONSTER Justin Compton, and that bald, butch, Woofity Gruffster from Canada, Frank McGrath!

If you missed the original post, click here, if not, read on for guys #11-20 (again, in no particular order)...


The guy: American beef monster Steve Kuclo made his 2013 stage debut at the Europa SuperShow in Dallas last weekend, and controversially won (many thought the title should have gone to runner up Essa Obaid), meaning Steve is now currently qualified for next months Mr Olympia. FUCK YEAH STEVE!!

What we love: With the wholesome, handsome, All American good looks, the fact that the guy has morphed into an absolute fucking MONSTER the past few years, and the nice guy reputation, contrasted with the fact he's not afraid to get a little scrunchy and nasty (grrrrrrr) when he's ripping it up on stage, it makes it pretty damn fucking hard for us muscle addicts not to love the shiny tiny posers off Steve! Giving the fact he came 9th in my "Vote for your favourite bodybuilder of 2012" poll, it's clear a lot of us fucking do!

More Kuclo here.. TOP 10 BODYBUILDERS OF 2012: #9. STEVE KUCLO


The guy: Egyptian bodybuilder Big Ramy won his pro card at last year Amateur Mr Olympia in Kuwait, and caused an absolute storm when he competed and won the New York Pro back in May. In a bodybuilding forum at the beginning of the year, I posted how I thought Ramy would be the big newcomer of the year that everyone would be talking about, and pretty much got laughed off the board. Six months later the same people on that forum, along with the rest of the bodybuilding industry, were calling him the "next big thing", a genetic freak, a bodybuilding star in the making, the next Mr Olympia! Now normally I don't like to gloat but erm...FUCK YOOOOOOU BITCHES!! BOO-YA!! IN. YOUR. FACE!! WHO DA MAN?? OH YEAH!! I went too far didn't I....

What we love: Erm...mostly the fact the he is an ABSOLUTE FUCKING MONSTER!! A mountain of crazy huge, super pumped, thick, hard, dense, otherworldly, superhuman muscle mass!! Every single fucking body part is pumped pumped pumped to enormous proportions. Ramy is nothing short of a fucking FREAK! All this, and he's only 27. Twenty-fucking-seven people!!! It's gonna be interesting to see how the big man fares amongst the big seasoned pro monsters at next months Mr O!



The guy: Crazy popular Canadian bodybuilding Alpha male muscle stud Antoine also made his pro debut in May's New York Pro. Unfortunately, his conditioning was off and a poor showing meant Antoine didn't place well. Let's hope he fucking nails it for his next show.

What we love: The fact that he was one of *the* super sexiest, most criminally handsome, uber fucking gorgeous, ridiculously bleeding HOT muscle freaks to regularly step into a pair of micro shiny posers and strut/stomp/show/flex/crank his (when at his best) fucking SHREDDED, huge, awesome powerhouse of mighty muscle in bodybuilding.



The guy: 18 year old American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery won the overall teen division at the 2013 NPC Teen/Collegiate Nationals last month, becoming the first ever guy to do so for two consecutive years.

What we love: That he's adorably fucking cute and just impossibly fucking handsome *and* sports some shockingly fucking SHREDDED beef on that incredible muscle packed bod of his. Look at those feathered fucking quads! Look at those tight hard little abs and fucking look at those pumped croquet ball biceps! Just amazing! I also love the fact that that cutie patootie, pretty boy head doesn't even look like it should be in the same fucking room as THAT freakishly ripped nasty fucking bod, let alone be fucking attached to it!!



The guy: Since turning pro two years ago, Arabian muscle freak Sami Al Haddad has fast become a major threat to 212 pro bodybuilding, placing 2nd in 3 of the biggest pro shows last year, including the Mr Olympia. He repeated this at the New York pro, having being beaten by Jose Raymond. Surely it's only a matter of time before he wins a title?

What we love: First and foremost...THAT FUCKING BOD!! There's just this incredible fucking quality to Sami's beef...thick and pumped and juicy balloons of bunched up blown up muscle just hanging off him and blowing and bulging off his frame. Not least of all those two thick cushions of beef hanging off his fucking chest (FUCK YEAH) and those fucking big, hard, juicy, beautiful looking ABS! FUCK THOSE ABS!! Totally fucking jaw (and pant) dropping!! He also happens to be a bit of a sexy bugger...*and* totally fucking cocky and cheeky onstage! He is just the most AWESOME poser. Scrunching up that mush like "EEEEE"...biting down on his bottom lip like "HMMPPFF" and arrogantly snapping that mouth wide open like "ARRRHHH" as he's squeezing it tight and cranking it HARD on stage.


The guy: After winning the juniour category at last year's Canadian Nationals, 22 year old Johnny stepped out as a Super Heavyweight at this year's show, placing a respectable 7th.

What we love: Not only is Johnny just stupidly fucking handsome, adorably fucking CUTE and dangerously fucking sexy, he also happens to sport some seriously awesome/dry/hard/tight/cut/shredded to fucking fuckity grade A Canadian BEEF!! Hands down one the hottest young bodybuilders out there at the moment! Woof fooking woof!!



The guy: After competing in just about every pro bodybuilding show with a 212 category last year, this 5"6 pocket rocket of pumped stacked BEEF from New Jersey stepped/stomped/strutted on stage for the first time in 2013 at the IFBB Wings of Strength in Chicago last month looking probably the biggest and most shredded he ever has, placing 2nd and losing out only to Tricky Jackson.

What we love: I haven't featured much of Guy on the blog, he's pretty low key and doesn't seem to market himself that much, but I've been a big fan, even since his days as an amateur NPC competitor, where he won me over with his masculine but fucking CUTE looks (it's all about THAT gorgeous/cheeky chappie grin), the short stacked thick hard awesome beef attached to his bones, and the fact that he's one hell of a cheeky/awesome/cocky/arrogant/tude pumped lil' poser!! Guy just bloody LOVES to scrunch up that cheeky monkey mush as he's ripping it up, working the stage, and showing of all that tight, hard, smooth, striated, thick as SHIT fucking man beef, perfectly fucking demonstrated in the shots below...


The guy: 26 year old Ozzie bodybuilder Jake won his height class in both the NABBA Southern Hemisphere Championships in Australia and the NABBA Worlds in Italy, but lost out on both overall titles to fellow beef monster Steve Orton.

What we love: Pretty much fucking EVERYTHING!! The gorgeous, handsome, sexy, masculine, butch looks (PHWOOOOAARR)...the outrageously fucking horny shaved/bald head (WOOF WOOF)...the bloody huge, hard, cut, ripped, shredded fucking bod of beef (BOOOOOING) complete with an insanely juicy, hot as buggery bootie (SLURP SLURP)...and the uber-cocky, cheeky as a chimp, "fucking go for it lad" style of posing (FUCK YEAH)!! God I bloody love this lad!!


Link to my last Jake post.. OZZIE HOTTIE JAKE NIKOLOPOULOS: PART 3


The guy: Latin-American Santi Aragon made a comeback this year after a few years away from the stage, placing 6th in the Middleweight category of this years NPC USA's.

What we love: My Santi post a few weeks back didn't quite get the response I was expecting, but I know for a fact there's a hell of a lot of Santi fans out there. To say I'm one of them is a fucking understatement!! I fucking ADORE this ultra gorgeous, painfully CUTE, sexy beyond belief mini mountain of hard thick ripped to the brink and back hardcore fucking pumped up lad muscle, all stuffed into the HOTTEST pair of paper thin gold posers (those fuckers sparked a few comments from you guys)! Santi is just about one of the hottest, and most gorgeous male specimens I think I've ever seen!!



The guy: Arabian muscle freak Moe Bannout's bright shiny posing trunks have had some serious wear this year. He's already competed in the FIBO Power, the Arnold Classic Brazil, the Torono Pro, the Tampa Pro, and last weekend's Europa SuperShow in Dallas, where he placed an impressive 4th.

What we love: Lovers of pretty boys only...look away now! Lovers of absolute MASS FUCKING MONSTERS...stay right fucking there! Moe is nothing short of an absolute BEAST! A grotesquely muscular, monstrously massive freak of hard thick dry as fuck mass who works the stage and hits his poses with the most awesome "God I'm a fucking FREAK and I bloody love it" proud as punch, smug as fuck attitude! You gotta fucking LOVE those hands clasped together Most Musculars..all that huge thick dry as bone beef just fucking EXPLODING to the max. There's some seriously awesome vids of Moe on Youtube...not least of all this video of him flexing it up and hulking it out for the camera!


  1. wow! BIG RAMY and MOHAMAD "MOE" BANNOUT are the best in the list! they´re massive,obscenely pumped and sexy as fucking hell !
    oh dude i love your blog !

    1. Thanks mate! ;) These Middle Eastern monsters drive me fucking crazy too!


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