Monday, 22 July 2013


I've already featured a ton of young American bodybuilders on the blog, from the well known guys like Cody Lewis, Dallas McCarver and Cody Montgomery, to lesser known lads like Dominick Cardone and Bostin Loyd. Now it's time for another fairly unknown in the form of young ripped up American muscle cutie Chris Bohonyi!

So what makes Chris worthy of his own blog post? For a start..he's bloody gorgeous!! Adorable as they come and cute as a fucking button, with those pretty peepers (sigh) and gorgeous lad grin (THROB)! And then there's the bod! It's safe to say Chris isn't exactly a monster but what he lacks in size he makes up for in conditioning! Dude. Is. Fucking. SHRE-HE-DEEEED!! Fuck just look at the lines and rips on that cut to buggery muscle bod! The lad looks like he's been put through a giant human sized shredder. Look at those insanely feathered quads! Rip fucking City! And just look at those shredded little abbers making up that tight tight mid section! Cheese graters at the ready! And oh yeah...LOOK. HOW. FUCKING. DRY!! Jeeeeez-us!! I feel dehydrated just fucking looking at that rippity ripped up dry as a dogs bone zero body fat muscle bod. How does one lad manage to get so dry tight and shredded?! FAAAAWK!! And does Chris like to get a lil bit cheeky, scrunchy and cocky when he's squeezing and cranking his tight carved up lad meat? You fucking bet!! Check out the adorable fucking expressions as he's got one pumped arm round the back of his head and the other hand planted on top of one of his shredded wheels one armed ab crunch, those cute lil hard as nails freakishly thinly skinned tummy muscles popping out and crunching away…eyes jammed shut...grinning an uber-cheeky, mega-cocky grin through gritted teeth...cute lil monkey mush all scrunched to buggery like "EEEEEE...FUCK YEAH"!! FUCKING CRANK IT CHRIS!!

To sum up..the handsome mush...the gorgeous grin...the ripped up bod...the shredded beef...the crazy conditioning...the scrunchy faces...all make Chris one fucking HOT lil cutie of a muscle monkey! Adorable as fuck? Yep! Freaky as hell? FUCK YEAH! Hot beyond reason and worthy of attention from *all* muscle junkies and beef lovers alike? HELL FUCKING YES!!











  1. He reminds me of another super bodybuilder that I'm working my balls off to look like... Santi Aragon

  2. Hey mate, another wicked post as ever! What was it you said right at the start? FAAAAACK! What was that, didn't hear properly?? Oh yeah, FAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!! This lad must be the cockiest abs cruncher I've seen. Lift the shirt, check, squeeze down on those bricks, check, grin and grimace like life depends on it, fucking CHECK!! Jeez if this lad keeps it up he's gonna be a MASSIVE ab flashing FREAK! I love the pic about 9 from the end with the red posers showing over the top of his sweats in full on flex mode, HUUUUPPPP!! Seriously well done on this one mate! ;)

  3. Yeah, he is worthy.
    (Just as an aside, do you think these guys compare reviews from Muscle Addict?)

    Back to the point, he has good balance, a sexy mush. I prefer him when he's not so ripped, the added size suits him more.

    The mush

    King fucking Kong or what?


  4. OMFG addict, what a find. beyond gorgeous, young, stunning, ripped and carved out of pure muscled granite and those tiny blue posers packed with young rutting muscled meat. he must get that young god rail worked at least 10 times a day by the luckiest bitch on earth. WOOF, WOW, OHHHHH, and all the rest before i pass out. great, great post addict, you're the best. thanks.

  5. oh dear god yes, those blue posers on that magnificent young ripped to shreds gorgeous stud are packed and stretched to the brink with young muscled granite. on my knees instantly. WOW!!!!!!! great post addict.

  6. Amazing abs on this guy, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I love his cock sure attitude crunching down on his ab quad pose knowing that NO ELSE is as SHREEEDDDDEDD or as HARD as him. Correction, perhaps I'm equally as hard as him (THROB). Imagine the gallons of cum his cuts would hold. Great post addict.

  7. Oh fuck!! Some amazing bloody comments being posted here lads! Loving all this praise for this hard as fuck, tight as you like, shredded to bleedin' buggery muscle monkey in all his gorgeous/scrunchy faced glory! I never quite know how well little known lads like Chris will go down. In hindsight I should have known a lad THIS bloody gorgeous and THIS impossibly fucking SHREDDED (how how HOW does he get so fucking RIPPED) would go down so well. Thanks again lads.


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