Monday, 29 July 2013


Earlier this year I did a post called "Young Muscle #2: American Teen/Collegiate Bodybuilders" featuring a trio of ridiculously cute, insanely ripped, young American muscle boys. The most well known, and without a doubt the most widely popular of the three being the overall winner of the teen division in the 2012 NPC National Teen/Collegiate championships Cody Montgomery. Cody has just repeated the win for a second year running at the 2013 championships, becoming the first ever teen in the shows history to win the show twice! This, and the fact I know there a lot of Cody fans out there (me included) I think he more than deserves a post to himself.

It's not hard to see why Cody is so popular. Firstly he's just so fucking adorable cute and handsome, and secondly, there's the fact that he is sporting one incredible fucking physique! The conditioning on Cody is just fucking crazy when he's in competition! Those fucking shredded, feathered quads, those hot, hard tight as you like abdominals, the marble-esque striated chest, and rock hard croquet ball biceps all contribute to a jaw dropping, breathtaking muscle bod which practically looks like a work of fucking art! Every inch of Cody's muscle is just so damn hard, tight, shredded and peeled! He's also packed on a few pounds since his 2012 win, looking fuller, and generally bigger all over at this years teen championships! If Cody keeps packing on size, but still manages to keep that insane conditioning, he has one hell of a future in bodybuilding. As with the previous Cody post, the Pat Lee pics are posted with kind permission from the photographer. More of his photos of Cody can be found on



  1. It's clear Cody (Montgomery) didn't waste time since 2012. He's packing on quality beef, and has maintained killer symmetry.

    I think this is a spectacular picture considering his age.

    Kudos to Cody

    Nothing like a huge chest, and skinny arms, or massive quads and pencil calves. With him it's all in proportion and evenly developed, not to mention the conditioning.

    I like the fact that he has enlisted the services of Chris "the cool" Cormier. He's so fine... some people are just so damned fly, and he's definitely one in my books.


  2. OMG yes, and just a teen. can't imagine what this gorgeous, young, ripped to the boner, super muscle stud will grow into, but i'll be more than anxious to watch his continued musclegod growth, and those heavy adorable eyebrows. WOW!!!! great post addict as always. thanks.

  3. Man he's so freaking hot! Loving all of that spunked up muscle boy attitude. Those young gods get me going...woof. Imagine the testosterone in that backstage pump room...all those muscle pups on heat,cocky and totally into their developing bodies. They're all packing such huge baskets of boy goods in their posers...I bet there's a bit of pup worship happening afterwards. I'd love to help those young mountains of rippling flesh relieve themselves

  4. Remember when you were 18, 19, 20? Geez, I could barely sit still. I was horny all the damn time. I absolutely had to cum 4 or 5 times a day to even function, but I wasn't satisfied until I'd shot more like 8 or 9 times.

    All this to say... FUCK. How they hell does Cody have any time for school? Aside from lifting, eating, and shooting massive loads to test-fueled teen spunk, the young fella needs to get a few hours of rest.

    In nearly all his post-2013 contest interviews, he (rather adorably) thanks his girlfriend for her support and he truly appears to mean it. I think it would un-fucking-believably hot if Cody were gay and had a devote boyfriend, but I'm open-minded enough (ha!) to also enjoy the idea of a horny straight boy driving his girl over the edge of bliss multiple times every night with his ridiculous bod and throbbing rod. Let's just hope she appreciates the feast of muscle and sex appeal she gets to enjoy!

  5. hey Muscleaddict!!! great fucking post!!!! it is amazing to see cody put on a couple more pounds of muscle and be the first teen to win back to back so now we get to see him move up to the bigger ranks but it good to see that he is taking his time to do it. but the bod is so unbelievable it is define worth it weight in gold I really like the pic you have of him with the surf board which we see his off season look he is fucking jacked and those glutes are phat in the off season and ripped by contest time!!!! I fucking love his side chest shots and side triceps shot and that back it fucking sick and it going to get bigger everything is going to get bigger his legs are going to be sick!!! can you imagine when he turns 25 wow!!!!! all I can say it with Cody and Chris bohonyi and Dominick cardone those guys will rule the stage for a long time in the near future!!!! please keep us posted on these young lions of the game!!!!

    1. Yeah..those pointy nipples on dominick ..woof man!!!! And the package in chris posers...yum

  6. his girlfriends support is great, but lets hope she doesn't get sick of his training and the ultimate trophy she has everytime he cums home from the gym and needs his gorged balls licked and his young granite muscle rail pumped and shot till those canyon abs are overflowing with beautiful warm muscle liquid. WOOF, i better stop cause this is the start of another MATTY story. great post addict.

  7. Come on Anon! It would be great if his girl-friend got fed up with the training and his need for worship and homage. Then us guys could have a chance and show him what gay sex and appreciation could be like! Ah me! But seriously, this guy is truly amazing already and it will be fantastic to watch him mature and grow wider and denser and bigger. I can't wait! In the meantime I like it that the Addicts go for the young ripped type. Thanks MA.

  8. cody is amazing and only a teen.....whoa, I can not get enough of this guy.


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