Sunday, 28 July 2013


Here are ten reasons why Czech bodybuilder Milan Sadek should drive any self respecting muscle junkie just a little bit crazy...

#1. He's bloody gorgeous!! Look at those cute little chipmunk cheeks and that cheeky boy smile. Kinda boyish but ALL fucking man..handsome..charming..lovely..THROB!!

#2. Not only is he a bodybuilder of beastly proportions, i.e. blown up muscle bulging out all over the bleedin' shop, but he also happens to be...

#3. FUCKING RIPPED from (sexy) head to (tan painted) toe!!

#4. The flat out freaky as fuck braided, shredded to the Heavens quads. FUCK ME!! Those things are incredible!! Lines and striations you never knew existed..size for days..flares for clean undies for months (whoooops that last one's just me)!

#5. The ripped up, hot as fuckity fuck abber dabbers!! Fucking crunch those stacked up little ab bricks Milan...fucking crunch 'em good. Abber dabber doooooo!!

#6. That full hard dry striated chest, which explodes and bursts when he cranks out those dangerously hot Most Musculars. Grrrrrrrrrr!!

#7. The huge boulder delts which are freakishly fucking striated. Go on lads...trace the lines and striations of those watermelons with your fingers. RUFF RUFF RUFF!!

#8. The HUUUUGE skin stretching biceps which just fucking EXPLODE and erupt when he's blowing those bad boys up. I wonder if Milan has a buddie on the other side of the camera who barks at him to hit his poses and then vocals his reactions and thoughts. "Whoooo...fucking ripped brah...blow it up bro...blow it up...make it big...awww yeah...ripped and that's what I'm talking about".

#9. The fact he often poses for pics and squeezes his ripped up man beef in the *the* fucking HOTTEST pairs of briefs *bites knuckles*!

#10. The awesome/cocky as hell/pumped to fuck 'tude which occasionally bursts out in certain pics/videos...usually when he's squeezing out those massive beef exploding Most Musculars, scrunching his hot little mush, gritting his teeth and grunting like fuck as he blasts those bad boys out and makes his phenomenally huge muscles triple in size and almost explode through the wafer thin cling wrap skin barely able to contain them!


  1. The training video was so fucking hot! I want to be the guy spotting for Milan, just inches away from all that straining, striated, pumped and mountainous muscle - touching him and smelling all that effort. The shot of him at the end flexing those massive engorged pecs made something of mine swell and engorge! Bloody marvellous!

  2. anon is right on, being that close to that young, gorgeous, buffed muscled stud, watching him squeeze those ripped muscles, hearing the groans and the scent of his incredible muscle sweat would make any respectable muscle worshipper drop over him and start tongue swabbing every drop of muscle liquid till you faint dead away, and yes addict, those adorable cheeks just magnify his drop dead gorgeous body. DOUBLE WOOF!!!!!!!

  3. The shot of his beefy manhood packed into those red boxers....and the vid! Those huge pumped up melons of pec meat ...woof.


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