Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Anth "The Freak" Bailes = Biggest Bestest Baddest Baldest Beefiest Bodybuilding BULL in Britain! BOOF! Look at those HUGE grapefruit delts bulging underneath his skin, those rock hard boulder biceps begging to be flexed and those thick meaty beef balloons hanging off his chest. Lest we forget that planet of a back (how does he find shirts that fit), the big thick meaty braided quads which look like two fucking tree trunks come to life, and those freaky as hell wormy veins running down his biceps and plastering his forearms! Anth won his pro card at last years IFBB British Grand Prix. He’s taking a year off from competing and plans to make his pro debut at next year’s Toronto Pro where he’ll no doubt come out on stage looking so ripped he looks like his entire body's been put through a giant human sized shredder, so full every in humanely huge body part looks like its about to POP, and so pumped his tight paper thin skin desperately trying to contain the beef below looks like its about one wrong pump away from tearing! Give some much worthy attention to this genuine muscle freak & true British bodybuilding superstar champ!

Click here for my original Anth post from last summer, and here for the follow up.




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  1. Welcome back MA. I guess you just needed a well deserved break. The post of Anthony Bailes was awesome - great to see some home-grown British beef. I loved the pair of comparison pictures, one showing the slim youngster and the other showing the roided, ripped, vascular monster he became. WOOF! Those fucking veins are truly spunk inducing and his contest condition is amazing. I really enjoyed the posing video - pants around ankles in homage to a truly amazing guy!

  2. MA,
    I really like this picture

    What a great transformation

    He's so fucking manly, from his shaved head, to intense facial expression from those deep set eyes, to a body that is bursting with man beef, vascularity, and loads of testosterone coursing through his veins.
    Testimony to his conviction and dedication, to become a mind-boggling beast of iron. He looks as strong as ...
    Definitely a sticky finger affair.


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