Saturday, 20 July 2013


We're only halfway though the year but 2013 has already seen some insanely fucking HOT/awesome/huge/freaky/ripped to fuckity muscle lads/dads/beasts/monsters hit the stage to strut/flex/crank the BEEF in their shamelessly shiny, outrageously colourful, teenie tiny posing trunks!

From hard tight cut to buggery cute as a button young American beef studs to dangerously HOT, ripped from head to toe, sexy as fucking fuck Canuck muscle cuties! From monstrously effing HUGE, superstar pro mass bodybuilding BEASTS, to dry as fuck, Christmas tree, shredded abber dabber and huge juicy ASS sporting amateur muscle FREAKS! From cut to fuckity fuck, carved up to the eyeballs, so fucking ri-HIIIIIIPED it hurts European hotties, to massively muscular, grotesquely vascular, ab crunching, pec popping, glute tensing, bicep blasting Middle Eastern MONSTERS!!

There are still LOADS of big name, and Muscle Addicts Inc favourites to compete this year. The Mr Olympia in September will see Phil Heath (ABSOLUTE! MONSTER!), Jay Cutler (bodybuilding LEGEND), Branch Warren (the ULTIMATE muscle daddy), and Dennis Wolf (FUCKING BEAST) battle it out, with James "Flex" Lewis (FUCK YEAH) and Eduardo Correa (can you say SHR-HE-DEEED) in the 212 category, both American pro mass monster Evan Centopani and the ever popular Russian half-boy half-fucking MONSTER Alexey Lesukov will be returning to the stage next month, and insanely fucking gorgeous, All American muscle stud Nick Trigili will be gunning for his pro card at this years NPC Nationals. There are also still some huge amateur shows to take place, in America, Europe and the Middle East (least of all this years Amateur Mr Olympia in Kuwait which last year saw the ridiculously monstrous, genetic fucking freak and bodybuilding sensation Big Ramy earn his pro card), so no doubt more old blog favourites and familiar faces will be squeezing into their shiny as shit posing trunks, and even more new hot as hell muscle freaks will be bought to everyone's attention, but for now, here are 10 (with another 10 to follow in Part 2) of the hottest/cutest/sexiest, most ripped/shredded/cut, cheekiest/cockiest and all round fucking AWESOME bodybuilders of the year so far...

I've said it a million times before but I'll say it again...FUCK I LOVE MUSCLE!!!

Note this is in no particular ranking/order...


The guy: 24 year old American muscle FREAK who made his pro debut in the 212 category in this years New York Pro...

What we love: The cute/gorgeous/sexy All American cheeky chappie looks...the cocky as FUCK posing/tude, complete with outrageous and animalistic facial expressions, opening his mouth wide and roaring at the audience/camera as he's blasting the beef...and THAT FUCKING BOD!! JESUS H CHRIST THE BOD!! Aaron is a 5'7 mass of smooth shiny hard marble-esque beef, razor-sharp cuts and rips, and huge juicy pumped bulging muscle. Sliced and diced from head to toe, peeled and ripped from eyeballs to arsehole, phenomenally shredded to shitting shit and insanely JACKED to fucking FUCK!! The dude looks like a frigging cartoon!!



The guy: 24 year old German bodybuilder who placed 3rd in the Super Heavies at the Arnold Classic amateurs, then went on to earn his pro card by winning the German Nationals.

What we love: Firstly, the fact he might just be *the* hottest/sexiest/best looking/most ridiculously fucking gorgeous (LOOK AT THAT FUCKING GRIN), bodybuilder in the World right now and secondly, the fact that he is fooking SHREDDED to the high Heavens. A fucking gorgeous looking physique to match that gorgeous fucking face, big and hard and ripped in all the right places, and oh yeah...he happens to have one fucking HELL of a HOT, striated to buggery BOOTIE which just insists on cheekily peeking out of any posing trunks he slaps on.


The guy: Hugely popular pro bodybuilder Jose "The Boston Mass" Raymond entered the 212 category of the New York Pro and won, then made it a double a week later at the Toronto Pro...

What we love: Jose is a 5'5 mountain of monstrously fucking HUGE, hard, grainy, dry muscle MASS...not to mention almost every single inch of that grotesquely massive muscle is fucking COVERED with the nastiest, freakiest VEINS. FUCK YEAH!! And oh yeah...he's a handsome lil' fucker and a fucking wicked/cheeky lil' poser too. WOOF fucking WOOF!!


The guy: Iranian muscle freak who had an incredible pro debut season last year, and came on stage at this year's FIBO and Arnold Classic Brazil in the same amazing condition, but placed criminally low in both (some suspect it's the IFBB's way of forcing him into the 212 category). He finally got the placing he deserved when he finished 2nd at the Mr Europe Pro, beating top Mr Olympia veteran Toney Freeman.

What we love: Baito's cute/handsome/adorable/sexy looks and insanely fucking conditioned bod complete with some of the most jaw droppingly shredded fucking wheels, gorgeous carved up stacked to fuck abdominals and hot/hard/nasty/freakishly striated botties in the business earned him 8th place in the blog's "Vote for your favourite bodybuilder of 2012" poll last year.





The guy: Ridiculously handsome All American muscle stud come big bald butch gruff beef daddy Mark Dugdale stomped on to the New York Pro stage and flexed/squeezed/fucking CRANKED his way into 3rd place of the 212 category, before placing one better at the Toronto Pro.

What we love: Do we start with the insanely fucking JACKED, frighteningly muscular, hard as frigging nails TANK of a muscle bod which he's pump pump pumpity pumped up to outrageous proportions, the handsome/sexy as fucking HELL, uber-butch/macho complete with bald as a bowling ball bonce, or that fucking hyper-aggro, nothing short of pure fucking ANIMALISTIC 'tude he adopts when he's letting rip on the stage, opening his mouth and roaring like a BEAST as he's blasting out those lethal Most Musculars like "ROAAAARRR", jamming his eyes tight shut as he crunches his big ole ab blocks like "HRRR-YEAH" and scrunching up that gorgeous mush and flashing those obscenely pearly white gnashers like "EEEEEEE" as he's fucking blasting a side chest, thick smooth pumped marble pec pop pop popping out, massive boulder delts exploding out to the audience, triceps and biceps fighting for space?! FUCK THIS GUY DRIVES ME CRAZY!!



The guy: 23 year old bodybuilding BEAST Steve Orton from New Zeland who won the 2013 NABBA World Championships, who is without a doubt one of my best new muscle discoveries of the year.

What we love: THE BOD!! Fucking HUGE!! A mass of hard thick carved out man meat, Steve is a fucking beast of a bodybuilder! THE LOOKS!! Bloody gorgeous! Steve is one hot, sexy, macho (not so) lil' muscle pup!! THE TUDE!! FUCK THE TUDE!! Make no mistake, this lad knows how to fucking work that stage and show off the beef to awesome, maximum effect! Steve is one hell of a fucking poser, cranking the goods so fucking HARD and with so much fucking passion & aggression (FUCKING SQUEEZE IT STEVE), all the time twisting and scrunching and crunching his face up in to the maddest/cheekiest/cockiest expressions. FUCKING CRANK IT LAD!! And lastly...THAT ASS!! OH FUCK! OH SHIT THAT ASS!! LOOK HOW FUCKING HUUUUUGE AND RIIIIIPED!! I love how it completely gobbles up any (no doubt tan stained) posers (mucky fucking PUP) it's lucky enough to encounter. Steve has more meat in his big ole bot-bot than most lads have in their entire bodies. FUCK YEAH!!


The guy: This pro mass monster from Paraguay is still fairly under the radar, but has been receiving attention from the masses lately after competing at the Toronto Pro back in May, a week after cracking the top 10 at the New York Pro.

What we love: The sheer fact that he's an ABSOLUTE. EFFING. MONSTER!! So much fucking MASS it's unreal! Ok so he's not the best conditioned/most freakishly shredded/cut to fuck of bodybuilders but what he lacks in conditioning he makes up for in fucking SIZE!! Just a flat out freaky as fuck BEAST!! Everything's just so damn fucking MASSIVE. His quads look like they're literally fighting for space. Now now nice or Pablo might not wobble you! And check out the freaky clot of veins on his right calf. OH FUCK THAT'S NASTY!! He *clearly* loves squeezing his mighty muscle too. Love how he fucking jams his eyes tight and scrunches his mug like "EEEEEEE...FUCK YEAH" as every freaky huge body part pops and bulges and cranks and crunches.


The guy: 24 year old All American beef hottie who won his pro card at last years NPC Nationals, and placed an impressive 5th when he made his pro debut at the Chicago Wings of Strength earlier this month.

What we love: First of all...he's fucking GORGEOUS!! Just such a sexy, handsome fucking man. And secondly...he happens to be built like a brick shit fucking house!! A carved up mountain of huge, hard, thick, pumped muscle...Justin does NOT look like a 24 year old who's only just turned pro. He's not quite down with the cocky posing yet, I'm hoping he'll get a little cheekier and braver as he gets older/more monstrously MASSIVE, but what he lack in tude, he makes up for in the fact that he has one HELL of a hot fucking bootie. Check out the ripples and striations on dat MASSIVE ass. AWWW...FUCK YEAH!! And er...there's another ahem...certain body part *blush* which I can't help noticing isn't exactly erm...small! SHINY! BLUE! BIG! BULGE! PHWOOOARRR!!!



The guy: After a year off from competing, Canadian pro bodybuilder Frank "The Wrath" McGrath returned to the stage at last month's Toronto Pro, placing an impressive 4th in the men's open category.

What we love: The hot handsome gruff butch hyper-macho looks, complete with big old bald sexy head and THAT crazy fucking jawline! WOOF!! The fucking TANK of a big hard dry as a bone muscle bod complete with major freaky as fuck vein action! BOOM!! The awesome/pumped/cocky tude he displays when he's hitting his poses complete with mad/crazy/arrogant facial expressions! FAWK!!



The guy: Hands down Poland's current biggest and best bodybuilding export, IFBB pro Robert placed 4th at the FIBO, 6th at the Arnold Classic Brazil and won the Mr Europe Pro, qualifying him for this year's Mr O!

What we love: Robert is a flat out fucking MONSTER!! With those massive dinner plate pecs, ridiculous watermelon shaped shoulders, stacked to the rafters carved up ab blocks and thick fucking braided quadders, Robert is nothing short of a BEAST! Throw in a big shiny bald head, uber-butch/macho sexy looks, and some cocky as fuck animal-esque moves and we're woof-woof-woofing all the way to Sticky Trunk City!

COMING SOON: PART 2 WITH GUYS #11 - 20 including Big Ramy, Antoine Vaillant and others...


  1. OK MA - fantastic post yet again. This time I'm not gonna be dirty or smutty, just serious for once. That second photo of Mark Dugdale was simply beautiful. He's standing there, relaxed and looking for all the world like a Donatello or Michelangelo sculpture - only better, cos he's real. Bodybuilders like this are living works of art and their skill and dedication deserves our respect and admiration.

    1. Awesome comment matie! Completely agree on the Mark Dugdale front..that second pic of him against the pink backdrop is fucking INSANE!! He looks like he's made out of marble, with each smooth pumped hard muscle seperated by the deepeest cuts and lines. That thin thight skin all shiny and smooth looking. Thin wirey veins running up and down his arms and across his delts, CRAZY fucking ripples and definition in both quads. Just fucking incredble!!

  2. Mmmmm more Justin Compton please.

  3. Great selection MA.
    It was hard for me to make a selection, especially as there are only small differences that separate one from another.
    Anyway, I'll give you my top 4
    4) Was Mark Dugdale, good muscle density & symmetry, very handsome, but lacked the "X" shape, he is more a "Y" shape.
    3) Steve Orton, good muscle density & symmetry (like Mark Dugdale), but has a highly energised stage presence that radiates the power of his physique. I love his posing, it really makes a mark on the (receptive) viewer
    2) Roman Fritz - good symmetry, lacks density (I'm sure that will come with time), great attitude.
    1) Justin Compton - density, symmetry, and little peaks of attitude (hopefully, he'll unleash more it in due course). He has excellent genetics, balance and is going from strength to strength. He has the much sought after "X" shape. To me, he is the stand-out guy in this group of good bodybuilders.
    The others are good to, but for me there isn't much between them, maybe a few minor details, but it was enough to make me not want to rate them.
    Pablo Ayala is a new find, density & conditioning are very good, more work regarding symmetry.


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