Monday, 29 July 2013


Earlier this year I did a post called "Young Muscle #2: American Teen/Collegiate Bodybuilders" featuring a trio of ridiculously cute, insanely ripped, young American muscle boys. The most well known, and without a doubt the most widely popular of the three being the overall winner of the teen division in the 2012 NPC National Teen/Collegiate championships Cody Montgomery. Cody has just repeated the win for a second year running at the 2013 championships, becoming the first ever teen in the shows history to win the show twice! This, and the fact I know there a lot of Cody fans out there (me included) I think he more than deserves a post to himself.

It's not hard to see why Cody is so popular. Firstly he's just so fucking adorable cute and handsome, and secondly, there's the fact that he is sporting one incredible fucking physique! The conditioning on Cody is just fucking crazy when he's in competition! Those fucking shredded, feathered quads, those hot, hard tight as you like abdominals, the marble-esque striated chest, and rock hard croquet ball biceps all contribute to a jaw dropping, breathtaking muscle bod which practically looks like a work of fucking art! Every inch of Cody's muscle is just so damn hard, tight, shredded and peeled! He's also packed on a few pounds since his 2012 win, looking fuller, and generally bigger all over at this years teen championships! If Cody keeps packing on size, but still manages to keep that insane conditioning, he has one hell of a future in bodybuilding. As with the previous Cody post, the Pat Lee pics are posted with kind permission from the photographer. More of his photos of Cody can be found on


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