Tuesday, 11 June 2013


ROMAN FRITZ = IMPOSSIBLY GORGEOUS RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME UNBELIEVABLY FUCKING SEXY RIPPED TO THE HEAVENS SHREDDED BEYOND DECENCY TIGHT CUT MOUNTAIN OF HOT GERMAN BOY BEEF!! This pumped up freak of a muscle boy might just be *the* hottest bodybuilder around at the moment! So bloody gorgeous it borders on ridiculous, with that massive square jaw and heart stopping smile! THROB! And the bod? Slab upon slab of granite HARD, cut to ribbons, tighter than tight, striated to buggery muscle! Dude. Is. JACKED!

Roman had a disappointing showing at the amateur Arnold Classic, but made up for it last month when he won both the super heavyweight category, and the overall at the German Nationals, looking full, pumped, and fucking SHREDDED in the shit craziest condition! Hard..dry..and ripped to fucking fuck all over! The win earned Roman his pro card, which, along with gaining a sponsor/contract with Universal (joining the likes of Antoine and Evan Centopani) has helped in raising his profile in the bodybuilding industry recently!

I can not wait to see how Roman develops as a pro. My only hope is that he doesn't sacrifice condition for size and carries on competing in that insanely shredded, cut to fuck state he gets himself into now. That, and he retains that freakishly fucking striated ASS!! HOLY FUCKING CRAP!! Look at those big hard cushions of butt beef blowing out of his second skin posing trunks! Striated. To. Fuck! I've seen less lines on a train track. Someone pass me my guitar pluck..I wanna strum a tune on those crazy striation covered ass cheeks!

My original Roman post was pretty popular so hopefully this follow up won't disappoint all the fans of this insanely hot, beyond sexy, shredded from head to toe mass of cut to fuck, hard as nails, striated to fuckity and back man beef!

Click here for my original Roman post.

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  1. roman is so hot, rugged, butch, cocky, muscled, that i have him up there with antoine, aaron and dallas in the young heartbounding ultimate musclegods catagory. he could have easily played MATTY in spunk draining story. great post addict.

  2. I want to make muscle babies with Roman. I know the odds of conception are low, but damn if we aren't going to try all freakin' night!


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