Monday, 24 June 2013


A few months ago I posted the first in a series of posts focusing on those hot jacked up beef monsters, sexy blown up muscle bulls and cute ripped up roid boys who just fucking LOVE to squeeze/flex/pose/crank their indecently hard, impossibly huge, implausibly fucking RIPPED beyond imagination man beef with *the* most arrogant/aggressive/playful/animated/shit fucking hottest/COCKIEST tude!!

While Part 1 focused on those cheeky fuckers and naughty buggers who just bloody LOVE to nastily screw up their hot faces, scrunch up their sexy mushes and pull *the* craziest, cockiest, most outrageous, hyper-macho, arrogant fucking facial expressions while blasting/crunching/cranking the fucking beef like some untamed feral fucking ANIMAL, this follow up is dedicated to bodybuilders who love to indulge in something just as bloody cheeky and downright fucking cocky...if not more so!

Buckle up cocky posing fans, for an onslaught of massive/ripped/peeled/shredded lads/dads/monsters/BEASTS who feel the overwhelming urge to outrageously and shamelessly flash and stick out their fucking tongues as they're squeeeeezing the life out of their paper thin skin encased beef balloons of muscle like "BOOM...GET A LOAD O' THAT FUCKERS" and blasting out those crazy muscle popping poses like "FUCK YEAH...CHECK THIS SHIT OUT"! It just HAS to be one of *the* cheekiest bleedin' moves a bodybuilder/jacked up fucking muscle freak in a tiny shiny poser (SLURP) can pull on (or even off) stage!

I often wonder whether lads who do it plan to do so, or whether it's more of a spontaneous thing. For me, the latter is definitely the hotter thought. Picture the of the hottest bodybuilders on the planet in the craziest competition condition, pumped to obscene proportions, ripped and peeled from head to fucking toe, his body just a mass of deep cuts, bumps, lines, ripples, and hard bulging muscle, all cling wrapped in the tightest, thinnest, smoothest skin, perfectly shaped abber dabbers popping through his tum tum, thick fucking splintered quads flaring out, big thick juicy muscle tits which twitch and jump at the slightest fucking movement, a pair of the biggest, impossibly hard bowling ball-esque guns exploding and bulging like crazy, and the plumpest, juiciest fucking muscle rump completely devouring the back of his shiny as shit bright purple posing trunks, he's just fucking RIPPING up the stage with the shit fucking hottest, most arrogant, primal, animalistic 'tude, stomping from left to right, cranking it HARD, squeezing it TIGHT, twisting this way and that way, popping this muscle, blasting that muscle, all with the MADDEST fucking facial expressions you've ever seen, jamming his eyes shut tight, opening his mouth wide like "ARRRRGHHHH", curling his mouth into a massive "0" shape like "HOOOOO", biting down hard on his bottom lip, animatedly pursing his lips, twisting and screwing and scrooonching his mooosh into the nastiest, cheekiest, cockiest, "FUCK YEAH FUCKERS" facial expressions known to man, audience going fucking NUTS...he's gearing himself up to blast out a massive, muscle popping, skin tightening, trap bulging, tit quivering Most Muscular, the cheekiest bleedin' grin etched across his face like "awww yeah baby...get ready for THIS one", he's bracing himself to arrogantly SNAP his mouth open wide and roar at the audience as he CRANKS it when "PING"...a light bulb suddenly goes in his head and he gets an ever better idea...his grin suddenly widens for a second and turns all mischievous and then BAM...he fucking SLAMS into that monstrously massive, shaky Most Muscular, jams his eyes shut, nastily scrunches his no doubt hot mush to the absolute extreme and then animatedly STICKS his massive fucking tongue out FLAT, stretching it out as far as it will go, all the time fucking sker-weeeeeezing that beef, cranking so hard he almost does himself an injury, muscle popping EVERYWHERE, so fucking huge and tight and cut, skin stretched to the max, insane cuts deepening, everything razor sharp, looking half-human, half-mutated muscle FREAK...all the time, that massive cheeky tongue flat out and on full outrageous, nasty, shameless, COCKY fucking display! FOOK YEAH!!

Check out Part 1/the "Face Scrunchers" post here.


Link to Part 1:



  1. OH YEA addict!!!! there's nothing more exciting than the the pumped, tanned, oiled, sweat drenched muscled stallion cranking out that most muscular with his luscious ultimate male tongue stretched out and leaving out one of those muscle bull screams. hotter than hot muscle tongues of course is ben, seth, cody, young adorable bostin, but the tongue of all tongues has to be rob krieder and frank mcgraft. great post addict as always. ps a while back i suggested a post of all lunge poses, one of the hottest poses ever. just a thought.

  2. Love this post mate, LOVE IT!!! As if these lads weren't full of it enough they just have to crank it up that bit more by doing something as outrageously cocky as this!! You can't 'just' pose, you've gotta pose with ATTITUDE. Gets me everytime when you see vids of guys onstage/backstage/wherever blowin' it out, hitting full flex with the veins popping and the beef rock hard, and then oh FUCK there goes the tongue!! Just to REALLY rub it in everyone's faces, cos they can!!! GO ON LADS!!!!

  3. fucking hot ! i lov this post I love the way these guys stretch their pink tongues! bem pakulski is the best !

  4. Love this post! So many gorgeous bodybuilders to choose from. Don't have a favorite because they all look hot posing with their tongues out! Hot!


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