Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I remember discovering Frank "The Wrath" McGrath about six years ago. Not only was he crazily handsome, with that ridiculous jawline, but huge and built like a brick fucking shit house! He also hit the stage with the craziest, most awesome fucking tude. There there was one classic vid of him on stage at a FIBO, stomping around & cranking it hard with the shit hottest fucking air of arrogance, and sticking his tongue out like a fucking animal! FUCKING LOVE IT! Frank went off the radar for a little while, but came back to the stage a few years ago, still built like a fucking tank and handsome as hell *but* more daddy-fied, rougher around the edges, gruffer, grizzlier...and oh yeah...about ten times fucking hotter than before! WOOF! A couple of things hadn't changed though! As well as still being a mountain of hard dense dry as fuck freaky as shit Canadian man meat, he was just a crazy arrogant and shit fucking cocky poser as ever! Scrunching that handsome mush into all manner of nasty/outrageous/bull-like expressions as he's fucking CRANKING that massive man meat HARD, opening his mouth wide and roaring like some kind of fucking ANIMAL as he blasts out those nasty as fucking fuck poses and shamelessly sticking out that tongue like a mad man on fucking day release from a mental hospital as he squeezes & flexes all that huge hard dry as a bone skin stretching muscle mass! There's one another thing that Franks famous for that I have to mention...THE VEINS!! Check out those nasty, crazy, awesome, grotesque fucking VEINS!! What. A. Freak! Hands down Frank is the proud owner of some of the most fuck off freaky vascular muscle in the business! Just insane! Frank "The Wrath" McGrath = one hot fucking handsome gruff butch mountain of HUGE hard dry beast-like crazily fucking vascular muscle meat who pumps it, squeezes it, blasts it and cranks it with the maddest, craziest, cockiest fucking TUDE like he's the shit fucking hottest thing to ever squeeze into a pair of posing trunks!



  1. OMG yes addict, i can't imagine how often i've drained myself gasping over FRANK. his animal pak vids in that dungeon of a gym, tattered tank top and cut offs pumped to the brink, drenched in massive muscle sweat, his three day beard, just wishing i was home waiting for him after his gruelling workout to rub him down and worship his gorgeous, thick, vascular, superhuman man of dreams. the most incredible forearms on the planet, and yes i've creamed over that fibo tongue vid a hundred times. him and rob krieder have to have the most erotic tongue poses on earth. great post addict with one of my all time CUM gods.

  2. LOVE pictures 12 & 15!! No other man on the planet fills out a t-shirt quite like Frank McGrath!

  3. Fantastic mate, absolutely fantastic. Frank is back back BACK!! And FUCK does he still know how to bring it, man those arms are just mad, can't get enough of those massive guns squirming with veins, the slightest twitch and they must just go crazy. I've gotta say as much as I love the pics of him in just his trunks one of my faves here is actually of him fully clothed, pic 4 in the lift, couldn't you just *try* to wrap your arms around that amazing bulk and cling to it like your life depended on it??? The only thing I have an issue with is the velvety posers, NOOOOO!!! Frank you're way too good for those, you need to get back to the super slick, shiny, wet look trunks of the FIBO-tongue era! Anyone else agree with me here???

  4. thanx 4 your post man. he is awesome beyond belief. i heard he was in negotiation with weider, but it fell through or something. i always wondered why he hasn't made a bigger success on account of his
    magnificent development. i suspect he does too. always frowning, and you got a couple of the rare smiles. i am not a smile as Disney wants you to addict, but still~~~ he always look like he is ready to smash your face in.
    know how tall he is? just wondered. cheers thanks a lot.Wade.

  5. Amazing post, didn't realize Canadians could get so big lol (joke!). On a serious note, much love to this post


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