Saturday, 22 June 2013


Recent 2013 NABBA World champion and 23 year old bodybuilder from New Zealand STEVE ORTON!! What a hot/gorgeous, big-ass (quite fucking literally…more on that in a bit), COCKY AS FUCKING FUCK, massive fucking BEAST of a roid pumped muscle lad!! Phwoooarrrr!! Sexy bleedin’ bugger isn’t he?! Gorgeous, but rough around the edges, boyish and laddish but so fucking BUTCH (RUFF RUFF). And the bod? BEAST!! No other bloody word for it. Big and hard and cut all over, incredibly fucking THICK splintered legs, enough fucking ass meat to feed a small country for a year (again…more on THAT in a bit), and his conditioning in some of the stage shots here is just SHIT fucking crazy, in particular the ones with the green backdrop! JEE-HEE-ZUS!! Hard as frigging nails and dry as the Sahara Desert. Just fucking unbelievable! And check the fucking TUUUUDE!! FUCK THE FUCKING TUDE!! Just the way he fucking CRANKS it hard, squeeeeeezes that fucking beef (BOOM), blows up those massive fucking guns (HHRRR-YEEEAH), fucking BLASTS that mass (BAM), blows his shit out (BOOF), lets rip and just fucking goes for it!! GO OOOOON LAD!! He is just *the* most awesome, animated, cheeky, expressive, dramatic, passionate, cocky, arrogant, BEAST-LIKE fucking poser! Each HARD nasty pose hit with the maddest, cockiest, most bonkers & aggressive expressions you've ever bleedin' seen! JESUS H FUCKING CHRIST!! What the fuck has this lad been snorting backstage?? THOSE FACES!! Out-bleedin-rageous!! Small question for ya Steve, is it your sole mission to be *THE* cockiest thing to ever climb into a pair of posing trunks? If're on the right bloody path mate!! And lastly....THAT ASS!! THAT HUGE HARD NASTY JUICY MEATY BEEFY MASSIVE FUCKING ASS!!! FUUUUUCKKKK!! That ass is so fucking big it deserves it’s own number badge on stage. He looks like he’s robbed a butchers and shoved the entire stock down the back of his posing trunks. Not only are those two fucking beef balloons MASSIVE, hard and juicy, but when he tenses the fuckers and cranks out those rear poses, a thousand fucking ripples and striations erupt all over them. FUCKING HELL YEAH!! In short, the sexy/gorgeous/laddish looks…the fucking BRUTAL beast of a muscle bod…the craziest, most animalistic fucking TUDE you’ve ever seen and one of the biggest, meatiest pair of gravity defying fucking glutes to ever gobble up a pair of shiny posing trunks makes Big Steve O one of *the* hottest/most awesome amateur bodybuilders on the planet right now, and hands down, my best new muscle discovery of the year!


  1. I second every word you've written. Orton's ass is the only successor to retired bodybuilder John Hodgson for fantasy muscle ass.

  2. Have. MERCY! Fuck fuck FUCK Steve is AWESOME! So damned macho but with a butt-load of laddish/boyish cuteness and charm chucked in for good measure. And speaking of 'butt'.....LOOK AT THAT FUCKING ARSE! Be still my throbbing COCK! As a (MAJOR) ass-man, Steve's ridiculously enormous, grotesquely overdeveloped, inhumanly, excessively, unnecessarily massively-muscular fucking TANK ASS makes my eyes pop, my mouth water and my boxers tighten like a vice. I want to watch this lad pump-up that gigantic body for hours and hours, getting sweaty as fuck before letting me shove my eager muscle ass-lovin’ mush deeeeeep into that nasty titanic meat-crack as my greedy tongue goes Hell-for-leather on his sweaty lad-hole! Seriously can't praise this boy enough, nor this damn post! BEAUTIFUL words, HORNY pictures and HILARIOUS/CUUUUUTE photo captions all add up to a post suitably awesome for my future husband! Thank you MA for (another) indecently-horny post and thank you Stevie-Boy for your gorgeous face, your mind-blowing posing/’tude, your lethal muscle bod and, of course, DAT ASS! ;-)

  3. agreed. by the way, steve has a younger brother also a bodybuilder, kagan orton, check him out too.

  4. Ridiculously hot, huge, and super masculine! I love the pics where he's next to his buddies who look absolutely frail next to him and he looks like he's packing 1000 times more testosterone than they are!!!

    Can you imagine 2 brothers (him and little brother Kagan) in 1 family!!! Mind-blowing!

  5. The man is super-everything.

    Hot, radiant, full-bodied, full-on (in your face), hardcore, heavily muscled and all the other good things one may care to throw in his direction.

    This is what I personally like to see in a competitor, on-stage totally fearsome and uninhibited - makes for an excellent performance.

    The NABBA Southern Hemisphere Overall 2013, was my favourite clip. He was bigger there, and he beat Jake Nikolopoulos, which is no mean feat.

    "Sticky fingers" come to mind, after seeing him flex on stage.

    "Ka mutu pea" (as he Maori's say - something like "awesome" ).


  6. Great post. Steve Orton is a god among men. Great body and butt for sure.


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