Sunday, 9 June 2013


I have a wee confession. I fucking LOVE the big, bald, beefy, beastly, bodybuilding BULL that is Mark Dugdale!! FUCKING FUCK YEAH!! I haven't always felt so strongly about this All American muscle beast. He was always on my radar and I always thought he was hot but I was never that crazy about him up until about a year ago when I saw the pictures of him competing at the 2012 Flex Pro, looking like an absolute fucking TANK, huge and handsome as all get out, and cocky as fucking FUCK!! The pics of Mark cranking out one pose in particular drove me crazy. His abs & thighs!! More specifically...his abs & thighs where he tilts his head to one side slightly, and opens his mouth WIDE like he's shouting/roaring "ARRRRGHHH" at the fucking audience, hard thick biceps bulging, big old ab blocks crunching, everything tight tight tight and hard as frigging nails. FUUUUUUUCK!! Possibly *the* best style of abs & thighs I've seen hit by any muscle freak! My love for Mark has been even more heightened the past few weeks. He took 3rd place in the 202 category of last months NY Pro, and 2nd place at the Toronto Pro a few weeks back, and he's never looked fucking better! There is a fucking SHIT load of vids of Mark on Youtube pumping/posing/flexing/crunching/blowing up/cranking it/letting rip/basically being the hot as fuckity fuck juiced up muscle bull that he is, and every time I stumble across a new one it rockets my love for this guy just that little bit higher! Here's why I love this pumped up freak of muscle bull nature...

THE BOD!! Mark may only be a 202 bodybuilder, but make no mistake, he's a fucking BEAST..and then some!! HUGE..HARD..SHREDDED..AND JACKED OUT HIS FUCKING NUT!! Look at those MASSIVE, hard as nails bowling ball biceps! Look at those thick, full, juicy beef balloons hanging off his chest! Look at those big, hard beautiful ab blocks threatening to pop pop pop out of that crazily fucking THIN tight skin! Look at those thick, nutso, braided to buggery quads, splattered with veins, like a thousand snakes running riot underneath his skin! And look at those big, beefy, bulbous, juicy beef cushions blowing out his shiny silky posing trunks making up what he has the bleedin' CHEEK to call his ass!!

THE LOOKS!! I love how when Mark was younger, and more fresh faced, with a full head of hair, he was an all out gorgeous, ridiculously handsome, clean cut All American STUD, and now he's older and completely fucking bald, he's *still* ridiculously handsome, but he's all butch and gruff and daddy-fied, and oh yeah...about ten times fucking HOTTER!! WOOF YEAH!!  In short..he's a hot/handsome/sexy fucking BEAST and a half!

THE TUDE!! Mark has a reputation for being a really nice, decent, genuine guy (bless him). Watch any video of him talking/being interviewed and you can tell he's one of the good guys. And yet..when he squeezes himself into those tiny shiny posing trunks and stomps on to that bodybuilding stage, hard and cut and ready to let rip..he turns into an absolute fucking ANIMAL..arrogantly and shamelessly opening that mouth wide, roaring at the audience like "ROAAARRR" as he squeezes HARD, blows his shit out and fucking CRANKS the beef. Forget "BEAST MODE", try "100% PURE FUCKING JACKED TO THE EYEBALLS HYPER-MACHO UBER-AGGRO OTHERWORLDLY ON ANOTHER FUCKING LEVEL OF HUMANITY TESTOSTERONE FUCKING FUELLED ANIMAL MODE (FUCK YEAH)"!!



  1. Morning bloody glory!!!!! Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?? More like Marky Mark and the SPUNKY bunch, as far as the sticky boxers bunched up on my floor are concerned. God I just love this hard as nails gruffster in training, poofing his cheeks out, huffing and puffing, ripped and tight as can be, bowling ball biceps blowing up at all times, showing off that gorgeous smile and stunningly perfect teeth (what's your dental hygiene secret, Mark??) when he's not crunching down on his abs with the impact of a guided missile ("AAAAARRRGHHHHH-ka-BOOM!). Fuck those ab/thigh shots make my heart race...starting to feel a bit lightheaded from all the blood rushing to my cock...better lie back down and dream of this granite-carved stud giving me a private flexing show...

  2. Muscleaddict, I love your APPROPRIATELY descriptive language for these men who really are GODS!!!!

  3. Great Post MA. What a cutey! - loved the vids of the training and the posing practice with the guy picking up on the improvements and giving tips. This is a real quality body - great size, proportion and definition - love the striations on the quads and the lower back, and that lat spread in the practice vid, and the delts and... and...and...and ... The show routine was great with music to acompany not batter. Cute smile and can posers get any smaller? I hope so. I sent up my offering in the usual manner and currency!

  4. The guys on the site are unreal. Amazing!

  5. You have good taste man. These big brutes obviously juice but the admiration they get over the physique is justified!

    Keep up the good work, Big Guy!

  6. Mark Dugdale is mightily handsome. Physique-wise he has great all-round density (like Marcus Hoppe). That heavy musculature that shouts pure strength and power.



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