Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Last year I did a couple of posts on young, gorgeous, ripped Ozzie bodybuilder Jake Nikolopoulos. I only discovered Jake last Summer and while there was so much I *really* liked about him, the awesome, beefy bod complete with an insanely HOT pair of deep juicy muscle tits, the cheeky chappie, adorably cute/handsome looks and the fucking wicked, charming, slightly cheeky, "go for it son" posing, he definitely wasn't one of those bodybuilders I went crazy over.

In my last Jake post, I even expressed how I'd like to see Jake make a couple of changes, which would make him just that much hotter! Jake returned to the stage last month at the NABBA Southern Hemisphere Championships in Australia, and then competed in the NABBA Worlds in Italy a few weeks later (winning his class in both shows). So...has anything changed since this handsome muscle stud strutted his stuff in his velvet purple posers last year? Erm...HELL YEAH!! Have my feelings for Jake changed since I last saw him squeeeezing his juicy fucking muscle tits on stage? HELL. FUCKING. YES!! And have any of those changes I confessed I'd love to see actually happened? Erm...sort of!

So this is what I wanted to see change in my last post...

For starters the hair! It's not that there's anything wrong with Jake's, but imagine him with some uber hot/funky/laddish Cody Lewis-style mohawk?!! OH MOMMA!! A cutie bum like Jake could really pull it off and he'd look as HOT as fucking fuck with it.

Ok so he hasn't quite gone down the mohawk route, but he has done the next best thing imaginable...completely fucking SHAVED his bonce. PHWOOOOOARRRR!! He's got a bit of fuzz in the more recent shots here, but check out the pics where he's completely fucking bald! I've seen hairier bleedin' bowling balls! FUCK!! I just love a bodybuilder with a completely bald bonce. It's so fucking butch and gruff and sexy...and *usually* something bodybuilders slightly older than Jake to see a young cutie like Jake ripping and flexing it up with a completely hairless head I can practically see my reflection in is just downright fucking horny! Not only can Jake totally pull it also makes him look about ten times as fucking sexy. WOOF WOOF JAKE!!

Then there's the posers. You probably all know about my absolute disgust/obsession with velvet trunks (JUST. FUCK. OFF) so you can imagine my thoughts on those hideous purple things he's sporting. Someone needs to fly to Melbourne, find out where Jake lives, break into his house, steal those purple monstrosities and replace them with some teenie tiny, hot as fuck, shiny as shit, obscenely bright colourful (preferably green, purple, pink or gold) glute devouring rubber-y slurpers!

Looks like I got my wish...those hideous purple things *have* FUCKED OFF and in their place...yep, you guessed it, a pair of "teenie tiny, hot as fuck, shiny as shit, obscenely bright colourful glute devouring rubber-y slurpers"! FUCK YEAH!! They're not *quite* the colour I was hoping for though but FUCK he looks bloody hot in those little sticky red numbers. Let's never speak of those velvet (even the word makes me shudder) posers again Jake.

And lastly there's the tude! Ok we know for a FACT Jake's got it in him to be a cocky little spunkster. Check out the stage pics of him for evidence, especially the one of him with his hands on the top of his quads...slamming down for a beef exploding Most Muscular..that cute mush arrogantly scrunched to fuck as if to say "hell yeah fuckers...I'm shit fucking hot and I know it"! But it's clear from the rest of the pics it's a pretty rare moment and he only really saves it for the stage. Just one question Jake...WHY?? How fucking HOT would it be to see Jake really cranking up the 'tude in those gym and bedroom/hotel room shots?? Standing there, eyes closed, face arrogantly scrunched up, either with his mouth aggressively wide open, or his tongue outrageously sticking flat out like the cockiest fucking fucker who ever squeezed into a pair of (non-velvet) posing trunks?!!

Ok this is where Jake lets me down slightly. We *still* don't have any non-stage shots of Jake getting nasty and displaying that occasional cocky/arrogant fucking 'TUDE we adopts when he's cranking down on those brutal Most Musculars BUT I've come to terms with the fact that this is probably not gonna happen for one simple reason only. Jake is just *too* much of a nice lad to crank up the tude and get nasty when he's away from that stage, bless him. Luckily for us, he *still* indulges in that odd moment of awesome, outrageous fucking cockiness when he's flexing it up and blasting out those beef popping poses on stage, perfectly displayed in the Youtube vid below...

Skip the vid to around the 1:22 mark, where the commentator calls for the lads to squeeze a Most Muscular...Jake cheekily bigs up/eggs on the audience, shouts out "come on", and then, with the cheekiest/most arrogant fucking look on his face, he scrunches up that mush and then fucking SLAMS into a massive Most Muscular, shouting out "ARRRRGHHH" as he aggressively crunches down, those big juicy beef balloons bulging off his chest clamping together, everything tightening and bulging and popping, *the* most awesome/arrogant expression etched on his face...FUCKING SQUEEZE IT LAD...GOOOOO OOOOON...and then he fucking CRANKS out another nasty crab Most Muscular, mouth arrogantly open and he growls out another hot/nasty/grizzly "ARRRRGGGHH"!! FUCK YEAH JAKE!!

God I love this lad!! From handsome, velvet trunk sporting, full head of haired, adorable nice lad to hot/sexy, tiny shiny red trunk sporting (SLURP), shaved headed (phwoooarr), adorable nice lad who also grunts, growls and shouts out as he's fucking ser-LAMMING down on all that nasty juicy ripped up lad beef (FOOK YEAH)! He's gone from "ooooh what a hottie" to "oh fuck I'm gonna cream it" in the space of a year. Oh and he definitely now fucking *IS* the type of bodybuilder I go fucking crazy for!

If you've forgotten what the older/less hot Jake looked like, check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. For the new improved, bigger, more ripped/shredded, shaved headed, cheekier, cockier, sexier and all round fucking HOTTER Jake, look no further than here...

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