Sunday, 12 May 2013


Ok muscle junkies, I'm going away this week so I'll be taking a short break from updating the blog. I wanted to leave you with something special and a bit different so here's a post of who I think, based on various polls I've run and which posts and guys have been particularly popular, are some of the best and most popular bodybuilders to have featured on the blog since it started. Keep checking the blog and I'll see you guys soon.

Bodybuilders featured in this post (click the names to see more of each guy): Nick Trigili, Antoine Vaillant, Roman Fritz, Aaron Clark, Justin Compton, Branch Warren, Raciel Castro, Ludovic Bogaert, Baitollah Abbaspour, Daniel Toth, Cody Lewis, Ben Pakulski, Evan Centopani, Dallas McCarver, Ramy Moh Elspiey, Anth Bailes, Alexey Lesukov, Ivan Kochetkov, Phil Heath, Osama Ashour, Eduardo Correa, Brad Rowe, Mohamed Salama, Seth Feroce, Andrey Skoromnyy, Mike Kefalianos, Steve Kuclo, Peter Molnar, James "Flex" Lewis, Jay Cutler, Cody Montgomery, Jason Huh, Jiri Borkovec, Zoltan Toth & Rob Burneika.


  1. Don't go MA! We need you! We need the wonderful beautiful beefy bastards you provide (like the mighty monsters above!) coupled with THE cutest/funniest/HORNIEST prose on the net! Well wherever you're off to I hope you have a great time, take a well-earned rest and we your followers will look forward to more hotter-than-hot muscle-madness on your return! Take care buddy ;-)

  2. Wow amazing selection as ever mate. Jeez who doesn't love all these pumped up, vascular, vein popping freaks in trunks posing, flexing, squeezing, pumping, hulking, working it???? Have a great time wherever you're going mate, can't wait for more when you return!!!

  3. Dear M.A.
    Have a great holiday - you deserve it! We'll be glad to welcome you home, as we enjoy all the "stimulus" you provide! Looking forwrad to the next post!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments lads! ;) I'm back now & itching to post some more pumped up ripped up carved up muscle freaks!!

  5. Wow this is purely amazing mate! You should do another post devoted to Brad Rowe! I would love to see more of that pumped up, insanely huge muscle god!


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