Tuesday, 7 May 2013


WARNING: This post contains pictures of one of the hottest/hardest/nastiest/juiciest muscle booties (WOOF WOOF) in bodybuilding. A spare clean pair of undies to hand is advisable before proceeding.

EMILIANO DELL'UOMO = Lil' ball of hard as nails, dry as sticks, ripped to fuckery, shredded to buggery, hyper-butch, mega-bald, shortie-bum man beef!! Emiliano might not be the most obvious choice of bodybuilder for your average muscle geek to go NUTSO over, and I'm not expecting him, or this post, to be hugely popular, *but* I happen to fucking LOVE the shiny, sticky ass crack residing posing trunks off him! And this is why...

#1. THE BOD!! Emiliano is fucking SHREDDED from his bald lil' head to his tan painted toes! Every pumped muscle group on Em's stacked to fuck body just POPS out like it's desperately trying to break free from the prison of his inhumanely thin, freakishly tight skin. The dude looks fucking SKINNED! Not only that, he's hard as fuck, grainy as hell, and drier than a peado's crotch in an old people's home. Every inch, bump, and bulge of Em's freakazoid bod is outstanding, but one particular part sticks out (literally) more than the others...

#2. HIS ASS!! His big, nasty, juicy gravity-defying fucking ASS!! Question: how many bodybuilders does it take to prize Emiliano's rock hard cushions of glute beef apart? Answer: NONE..cause every single one of the poor fingers ends up in A&E with ten broken fingers from attempting to do so! How does a guy like Emiliano solve the dilemma of having to find undies and posing trunks to cover up those striated to hell and back balloons of ass meat? That's easy! He doesn't. He just tucks the material into the crack of his rump and let's the whole world ogle those striation plastered meat cushions. Lucky fucking us!!

#3. HIS LOOKS!! Let's be honest here, Emiliano is not exactly what you'd call classically handsome. As much of a sucker as I am for a cutie bum, I also happen to like guys who are a little bit quirky/different looking. HE-LLO Emmy!! However, call me bonkers, but as well as being the above, not to mention butch as fucking hell, helped by that big boiled egg of a bald bonce, I also happen to think there's a real fucking CUTE, boyish quality to Emiliano!! Whatever he is, it's working for me fucking BIG time! And lastly there's...

#4. THE TUDE!! Emiliano knows how to fucking work that stage and crank up the tude! Fucking look at him scrunching up his lil' mush, jamming his eyes tight shut and opening his mouth wide like he's roaring at the audience like an animal as he squeezes and flexes his hard shredded man meat. FUCK YEAH!!

2013 has already been an incredible year for this pocket rocket of dry, tight, muscle popping muscle freak, having won the Arnold Amateur back in March. No doubt when he next hits the stage, he'll do so looking just as outrageously conditioned, insanely shredded and freakishly striated as he does here! Emiliano might not be the biggest, most handsome, or popular bodybuilders out there, but I do know for a fact there are a few more lads out there who like him as much as I do. Hopefully after this post, there might be a few more.


  1. I'm often surprised when a post attracts no comments. Dell'Uomo may not be to everyone's taste but he is mega ripped - like an anatomical chart. Achieving such condition, let alone putting on the muscle in the first place, is truly impressive. It's also worth looking at the videos you include, M.A. This guy is a really stylish poser. A lot to admire here.

    1. Thanks dude..completely agree with everything here. The definition and conditioning on this guy is just incredible. His peeled abs especially look like they'yre about to burst through his skin at any given second...not to mention how crazily cut up those quads are. Love his posing too mate. The way he bounces around the stage cranking it hard and ripping it up. As for the lack of comments mate, they are always hit and miss but I wasn't expecting a huge response for a guy like Emiliano!

  2. Emiliano is one hot dude, conditioning you can't beat him. Size, he does alright in that department.
    His ass is like mouth-watering, he's got great big hammies, which is rare and fabulous to see.
    His attitiude is appealing fearsome guy, especially when he scrunches his mush, totally gorgeous. I hope he continues to pack on the muscle. It's great when unknown talents just burst onto the scene showing what they have, just keeps things really fresh and interesting.


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