Friday, 24 May 2013


I've already featured a number of ridiculously cute, young European bodybuilders on the blog, from German hunk of boy beef Roman Fritz and uber-cute, Russian roid chomper Ivan Kochetkov, to stacked, shredded Czech muscle monkey Jiri Borkovec and Hungarian beef hottie Istvan Polyak. Now it's time for another, in the (very) lovely form of Polish muscle boy Szymon Lada.

WHAT. A. BLOODY. CUTIE! This mini mountain of pumped up, bulging boy beef is seriously adorable. Szymon might not be the biggest or most freakishly shredded lad to ever squeeze into a shiny poser, but he's still got one hell of a ripped up little muscle bod on him! Most notable are those stacked up, drum tight skin covered abber dabbers which pop out of his tum tum like they're on some kind of mission to break free from the prison of his inhumanely thin skin, those perfectly pumped pecs which pop into place when he hits a side chest and twitch up to his chin when he blasts a front lat spread, and those braided, cut to fuck quads which he just loves to twist that way and this way, showing the camera/audience what an outrageously freaky lil' muscle monster in the making he is!

And while his cute, nice-lad looks might make it seem like butter wouldn't fucking melt, he clearly has a bit of a "nasty boy"/cocky as fuck side to him, and can really crank up the cockiness when he wants to (phwoooarrrr), outrageously sticking his tongue out as he's squeezing his roided up lad beef like a cheeky lil' chimp, and arrogantly opening his mouth wide/roaring at the camera as he's blasting out those pec quivering Most Musculars like a cocky lil' fuckster!

In short, cute/charming/adorable/nice-guy looks + ripped up carcass of a muscle bod + occasional cheeky/arrogant/cocky as fucking fuck tude = one hot little muscle pup! Whats Polish for RUFF RUFF RUFF?!


  1. Wow mate not seen this lad before he's awesome, beautiful physique and he clearly enjoys flexin it up. Gotta love those tongue out shots, it's sooo cool and horny the way this sport can transform even the most cute and adorable guys into cocky, nasty, desperate for muscle FREAKS!!

  2. Thanks for the post on Szymon, it's nice to see him promoted from the ranks of one of many hot dudes. to getting a full blown expose on your blog.
    His proportions and symmetry are very good, and his muscle attachments are long and the muscle bellies are full.

    Really symmetrical

    For me he really comes alive when he starts to get nasty on stage.

    As in this picture
    Lovely mush & nice tongue display

    The nice guy image is cast aside to make way for the muscle brute that dwells within, totally hot imho. Could be a contender for top mush scrunchers possibly?


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