Thursday, 9 May 2013


Zeit für einen anderen pic Sammlung präsentiert die besten / größten / heißesten / most geschreddert Muskel-Freaks eine Nation zu bieten hat. Bisher haben wir ungarische Monster, Bestien Französisch, Englisch Bullen, Russisch Stiere, American muscle Götter und riss Canuck Freaks hatte. Jetzt ist es Zeit zu sehen, was riesige / gerissen / aufgebockt / gestapelt / geschreddert BEASTS / Monster / Stiere / Freaks aus Deutschland! WOOF VERDAMMTES SCHUSS!

Which roughly translates to:

Time for another pic collection showcasing the best/biggest/hottest/most shredded muscle freaks a nation has to offer. So far we've had Hungarian monsters, French beasts, English bulls, Russian monsters, American muscle Gods and ripped Canuck freaks. Now it's time to see some huge/ripped/jacked/stacked/shredded BEASTS/monsters/bulls/freaks from Germany! WOOF FUCKING WOOF!

Bodybuilders featured (in order of appearance): Ridiculously fucking gorgeous, shredded beyond decency muscle spunk Roman Fritz, big bald sexy butch bordering on daddy muscle bull Steve Benthin, huge pro muscle beast Ronny Rockel, mass fucking MONSTER and pro bodybuilding superstar Dennis Wolf, recent Arnold Amatuer competitor and professional face scruncher Paul Poloczek, the huge cocky as fuck TANK of a muscle bull Armin Scholz, big bald butch sexy as bloody HELL Manuel Bauer (WOOF x3), shredded to bleedin' buggery and cocky as fucking fuck David Hoffmann, dry hard nasty as fuck muscle freak Matthias Botthof, hot as hell butch as frig pumped up mohawked muscle head Jorg Kuhnhold, big buff butch beefy Markus Hoppe, the big bald sexy muscle daddy Dennis Riskis, big pumped overgrown muscle boy David Walli, the bloody gorgeous/cute cheeky looking muscle lad with the massively pumped nightmare of a muscle bod that is Peter Baers, lil' ripped to within an inch of his life cocky/cheeky/nasty/bald cutie bum Frederic Hofer and big hard grainy dry muscle daddy complete with outrageous blonde mohawk Daniel Struller.

Ronny Rockel


  1. Hot stuff here MA, for which sticky thanks. Who's the guy 24 from the bottom - those big shoulders, those meaty quads and that tiny waist. Look out Molnar! - competition on the way. Also who's the guy in muscle pic of the day. I love those pics of sweaty BBs in drenched tank tops oozing and bulging and rippling. God! the right hand is numb!

    1. Thanks mate. The guy you mentioned is David Hoffmann and the guy in the pic of the day is Joel Thomas..American guy.

  2. Thanks for the reply M.A. I have been looking up vids of David Hoffman, mostly 2008 and looking awesome. He wears fuck-all on stage with the tiniest posers to emphasise the narrowest waist and that huge upper body. The man is to die for. Thanks
    p.s. your fans seem to be getting lazy about posting comments. Don't despair if things seem a bit quiet - we appreciate what you are doing and need you.

    1. Hoffman is a hottie! I love the pic of him blasting that front double bi while doing the vacuum pose with his abs. Impossibly tiny waist, big hard croquet ball biceps, cut to fuck abdominals, shredded quads sticking out..WOOFS!! Thanks for the comment and kind words matie! Oh and yes, the comments have definitely dried up of late but it's always been a little hit and miss in respect of how many a post will receive. I definitely don't let it deter me from posting as normal! Thanks again matie ;)

  3. Thanks very much for this, I've been looking forward to this for sometime, Germans like everything they do are a very class act. Their bodybuilders are no exception.

    These guys tend to be big and symmetrical (they must have been taught that in the classroom before being led out into the gym) and more often than not hot.

    My favs of course Roman Fritz, an extraordinary guy, who continually improves.

    Manuel Bauer - another classy guy, great symmetry and full thick musculature.

    Armin Scholz - a genetically blessed individual. I remember him from back in the day, always stood out for his size and symmetry which many competitors lacked.

    I've not seen Ronnie Rockelly look this hot in a long time.

    Rockel looking sexy

    David Hoffman - despite being a light-boned individual, has built a praiseworthy physique, and those side-burns make him rather hot.

    Peter Baers - his muscle density is impressive. Freaky legs & everything else, wow!!!

    Marcus Hoppe - is one bull of a man, looks very strong and powerful. Great muscle length and fullness.

    But after the untouchable Roman Fritz, this was my highlight. Finding out who this sexy beast is

    Spunk in pants

    Thank you so much for providing his name, now I can go away find more pics of him and make cream up at the sight of this sexy beast posing and strutting his muscles on stage.

    I could lick your cock in appreciation MA, kissing your ass wouldn't be a problem either.

    Many thanks mate.

  4. Another multiple spooger MA, thanks buddy for keeping my balls working overtime to refill for more.

  5. No Markus Ruhl???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No. I only wanted to feature current bodybuilders and Markus has been retired for a few years now.


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