Tuesday, 21 May 2013


ANTOINE VAILLANT = SEXY AS HELL HANDSOME AS FUCK RIPPED UP CARVED OUT ALPHA MALE MUSCLE BOY BEAST!! This weekend is a big one for Antoine as he'll be making his pro debut when he competes at the New York Pro, along side the likes of Ramy Moh Elspiey, Cedric McMillan and Aaron Clark. With some serious monsters competing, Antoine certainly won't be the biggest guy on stage, but no doubt he'll compete in his usual crazy, shredded to fuck condition!

In this collection of pics, all taken this year and in the run up to the NY Pro, we've got Antoine blowing up his insanely hard, tight croquet ball biceps, Antoine showing off his cut to fuck tree trunk quads, Antoine cranking out some beef exploding, skin tightening grizzly Most Musculars, and a shit load more crazy/awesome pics of this mountain of Canadian man meat.

For more pics of Antoine from this year, click here for Part 1.

Link to Part 1:


  1. the first pic is so fucking hot with chest hair and his famous drive you nuts nipples. i wish him well at the NY pro, but aaron along side of antoine, thats double A soaked shorts material. great post addict as always.

  2. Is Antoine the only gorgeous jacked HIPSTER bodybuilder in the world? Pesonally, I like him best with a beard on that anvil of a jaw of his. Only he can pull it off. And he can take a goddamn picture of himself with his phone that isn't blurry or dark. No point having that bulging mass and sculpted definition if your pics are soft, tiny and dark.

  3. Yeah! Anonymous is right - I wouldn't mind chewing on those nips. The pics where Vaillant looks a bit rough and is posing in his pants a re so uber sexy. Balls drained and pants stained as the more coarse might say.
    Btw - welcome back MA. Hope you had a good break.


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