Sunday, 26 May 2013


AARON CLARK = THICK CUT JACKED UP SLICED AND DICED GRANITE HARD CHEEKY COCKY GORGEOUS HANDSOME ALL AMERICAN MUSCLE BOY FREAK (FUCK YEAH)!! Aaron made his pro debut at the New York Pro this weekend, competing in the CRAZIEST fucking, shredded to shit condition and placed a very impressive 4th in the 212 class, behind the big veiny freak of fucking nature Jose Raymond (woof woof), the always awesome, jacked up Sami AlHaddad, and that insanely fucking HOT/gorgeous hunk of American man beef Mark Dugdale (who I've been steadily becoming a big fan of for the past year or so & will be featuring on the blog soon)!

23 year old Aaron is without a doubt one of the most talked about, and exciting new pro bodybuilders at the moment, and it's not hard to see why. The kid is a serious fucking FREAK! Peeled, jacked and shredded from head to fucking toe. Aaron is just 200 lbs of thick as shit, granite hard, razor sharp, diced up, freaky as all get out, pumped beyond decency, ripped to within an inch of his muscle obsessed (you just fucking KNOW Aaron's whole world is just MUSCLE MUSCLE MUSCLE..."gotta pump pump pump...gotta grow bro...gotta blow up...gotta get HUGE dudes...gotta get so fucking JACKED...gotta get my skin tight and thin...gotta cut the FUCK up...gotta be a FREAK") life!!

Not only is Aaron a freaky fucker in the bod stakes...he's also one fucking handsome muscle pup! WHAT a little fucking STUD he is, with that bloody gorgeous mush and huge, bordering on Joker-esque, cheeky chappie smile!! 

He also happens to HELL of an awesome/tude pumped fucking poser!! FUCK YEAH (AGAIN)!! And we're not just talking when he's on stage in shredded comp condition, plastered in shiny as shit tan, hot lil posers being gobbled up by his thick bowling ball glutes, nope...Aaron cranks up the tude just as much when he's off stage posing for the camera, arrogantly scrunching up that hot gorgeous mush like "ooooompffff...get a load o' THAT fuckers...freaky or fucking WHAT?" or outrageously pursing his lips like "'s THAT for jacked...pumped and ripped baby...PUMPED. AND. RIPPED", and of course, he just fucking LOVES to open that mouth as wide as he possibly can, roaring at the camera/audience like some kind of pure testosterone fuelled ANIMAL!! RAAAAAARRRR!! Beast Mode baby!! FUCKING GO FOR IT LAD!!

In short...he is one CRAZY awesome/cheeky and cocky as fucking fuck lil' poser! In fact..the only thing which would make Aaron an even hotter poser was if he shamelessly and outrageously stuck out that tongue of his like a cocky fucker as he was CRANKING out those massive beef exploding, vein erupting Most Musculars! OH FUCK!! On second might be better for my health if he didn't. There's only so many times one man can check himself into hospital with severe dehydration from looking at one too many pictures of jacked to fuck, cocky as hell, flat out freaky muscle boys!

I can not fucking get enough of this phenomenally jacked, freaky as fuck, handsome as hell, cheeky chappie, cocky as you can get, hard as nails, freakishly thin skin wrapped mass of American man muscle right now & I can not bloody wait to see what he does next!!

Click here for my original Aaron post! MORE/PART 3 COMING SOON!!


  1. God! Man, that Aaron Clark is SOOOO FUCKING HOTTT!!!! I can't get over how fucking masculine, muscular, massive!!!! TOTAL FUCKING ALPHA SUPERSTUD!!!

  2. OMFG!!!!!!!! Man, I was a little late to the party on Aaron--used to find him too bulky and not defined enough for my taste, but NOW?? Every time I see him he's more cut up and peeled as fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Especially in those NY Pro pics, JEEZ that is one dry-as-a-bone carved up midsection, criss-crossed with Grand Canyon-deep cuts all over. (PS amazing photography at this show, amazing up close detail, FUCK YEAH). I also of course love the insane scrunchy-munchy faces he pulls as he cranks out some of the most desperate, go-for-broke posing I've ever seen!!! And love that he has no qualms about being a cheeky roid monkey mass monster, fully embracing the most unbelievably freaky aspects of this amazing sport. Excellent post MA, four blown loads out of four!

  3. Aaron was up to the big boys at the NY Pro 2013. In fact, I was really surprised how he placed. Fourth place was a gift because he was lucky to be that good. Dieting or dehydration must have done him in. Even his posing trunks didn't fit him.

  4. to be wedged between aaron and antoine would have to be what muscle worship heaven is like. great post addict with great pics of one of my wettest dreams ever.

  5. OMFG!!!!! beyond a wet dream, ONLY 23!!!!! years ago he would have to be 30 and not even close to this degree of muscled male magnificence. young massive slabs of perfectly proportioned muscle, carved and detailed like a marble statue etched with a razor. keyword, YOUNG!!!! mindblowing to even fathom how his girlfriend can cope, being able to worship this gorgeous musclegod anytime she desires. yes wet dream plus heart failure. great post addict, as always.

    1. Crrection: Aaron is 24 year old.

  6. He was cute, then impressive. And now totally jaw-droppingly hot. I love everything about him. His girlfriend is both very lucky and very tired...

  7. I'm not big on Aaron Clark, hence no previous comments on him, but when I saw this photo.

    Damn dude! You look hot

    I thought wow!! Sexy as ..., totally dominant, hard-full muscles, defined, aggressive, lovely mush. Like Yeah, he's nailed it.

  8. He's fine. You totally have to make post with lot of TODD WHITTING'S pictures. He's THE BEST.

  9. oh fucker! Aaron is A delicious son of bitch!


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