Wednesday, 29 May 2013


BIG RAMY = 280+ LBS OF MONSTROUSLY HUGE PHENOMENALLY THICK CRAZILY DENSE INHUMANELY RIPPED OTHERWORLDLY FLAT OUT FREAKY AS FUCK  MASS MUSCLE!! In my last Ramy post back in January, I stated that I predicted big things for this massive Arabic muscle monster. Ramy made his pro debut as the New York Pro last weekend, where he competed in his biggest and best condition yet, completely dwarfed and out muscled all the other competitors, many of them seasoned pros, wowed the audience and bodybuilding fans alike with his freaky huge frame and monstrous mass of muscle, and won the show!

Everyone has been buzzing about Big Ramy since the win. There's so much hype and excitement about this freak of fucking nature/absolute fucking TANK of a muscle beast/planet in a pair of fucking posing trunks! People are saying he's the next big thing/he's a genetic freak/he's a future Mr O/he's the next Dorian Yates/Ronnie Coleman.

I've only just found out that not only is Ramy only 27 (JEEEEEZ), but he's apparently only been training for 3 years!! What. The. FUCK!! Ramy is now heading for the Mr Olympia in September and I can't wait to see how he stacks up against the big mass monsters of the muscle world!

Check out my original Ramy post here, and the follow up here. If anyone's confused about the change in Ramys name, there have always been a few different variations/English translations floating around. Ramy Moh Elspiey seemed to be the most popular when I did my first post, but all the bodybuilding sites are now using Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay so it makes sense to now go with that variation.

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