Saturday, 27 April 2013


Last week I put a poll on the blog featuring five hard/hot/nasty/juicy/striated/freaky as fuck muscle booties and asked you guys to chose your favourite! With 37% of the vote, you guys chose the huge thick juicy cushions of incredible ass meat that make up "RUMP #5"...

And the owner of these big meaty man buttocks?? The Egyptian muscle monster/TANK on two fucking legs/absolute fucking BEAST Ramy Moh Elspiey (click here for my latest Ramy post) who'll be making his pro debut when he stomps on stage (and probably puts fucking holes in it with his feet) at the New York Pro next month...

And I have to say...a nice fucking choice for the top spot! For me personally it would have been a toss up between Ramy's glutes and the incredible bootie #2, which incidentally came in 2nd place, mostly because it manages to look both huge and juicy *and* hard as fuck and striated to hell! WOOF!! As promised, more pics of that winning plump juicy posing trunk gobbling ass..

I also promised to reveal the owners of the other 4 pair of glutes in the poll, so here goes! The thick hard dry striated to fuckity "ASS #1" belongs to Iranian muscle freak Baitollah Abbaspour...

The incredibly fucking HOT big/juicy/juicy/ripped to shreds glutes which make up "BOOTIE #2" belong to the insanely ripped up Italian ball of beef Emiliano Dell'Uomo...

The owner of the inhumanely shredded, shrivelled up striated to hell and back "ARSE #3" is the ever popular "Welsh Dragon", and 212 Mr O champ James Flex Lewis...


And lastly the juicy cushions of rippled up butt beef which make up "BOTTIE #4" belong to that gorgeous/handsome All American cornfed muscle stud Justin Compton...

Thanks to all the nasty glute lovers who voted on the poll. I'll be doing another similar poll focusing on another outrageously pumped/ripped/freaky as fuck body part soonish!


  1. addict, is the muscle pic of the day, the back of that gorgeous young istvan polyak. thank you, and as always, great posts.

    1. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think it is! He looks a little leaner than Istvan!

  2. I went for Justin, not the biggest but so well sculpted.

    Dell Uomo and Abbaspour were my next favourites.

    Lewis, not so much his ass, but his overall physique is simply amazing.

    Moh Elspiey, not really for me, bigger doesn't always necessarily equate with better.

  3. Thanks Addict- that was a fun poll of gorgeous glutes. I think Ramy should pose in a g-string in fact I think all bodybuilders should pose in g- strings if not nude. How about an all male audience with an optional poser or nude contest. Can't wait for the next poll-- muscle tits- those full pectorals that are heavy and sculpted and make even straight men salivate. I know this because I see the look in their eyes when I walk down the street in a t-shirt-- even when they are with their girlfriends they check out my chest. So bring it baby. Thanks.


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