Sunday, 21 April 2013


Last month I put a poll on the blog featuring a number of bodybuilders and asked you guys to vote for your favourite. Now it's time for a similar poll, only this time I'm asking you not to vote for your favourite guy..but your favourite pair of glutes!

I've picked five of the biggest/hottest/hardest/freakiest/most striated muscle booties in the business and I'm asking you guys to pick which do it for you the most!

I've deliberately not revealed the names of the owners of these big juicy ripped to fuck rumps, mostly so people aren't influenced by how much they like the guy himself rather than the glutes, although I'm guessing a fair few of you will know who at least some of them belong to! The winning pair of glutes will be revealed next week, along with more pics, and the names of all the bodybuilders here!

Full rundown of all the booties to choose from, along with the poll below...

ASS #1

First up is a big thick dry HARD bootie. Look at how it completely devours those undies in the first pic. You'd need hands of fucking steel to try and prize those hard cheeks apart to retrieve them! And look at those freaky as fuck peek-a-boo striations erupting underneath the ripped up beast of the owner's posing trunks on stage. Fucking incredible!!


Next up an ass which is not only big, juicy and sticks out a fucking mile, but is hard, ripped and striated to fucking HELL! As much as I love to see a pair of glutes peeking out of a pair of hot little undies, or blowing out of a pair of shiny posing trunks, there's something so fucking HOT about a pic of a bodybuilder butt fucking naked showing off his big nasty man glutes. So bloody cheeky and so fucking outrageous!!


Look at the frigging STATE of this tensed to fuck, ripped to buggery, shrivelled up shredded lil' muscle bootie!! Freaky does not even do this dangerously hot pair of glutes justice! Just a mass of inhuman looking rips, cuts, lines and striations! No need for a cheese grater which these bad boys around!


Imagine running your fingers up and down the cheeks of *this* hard as nails, hot as hell muscle bum, feeling the bumps of each ripple, separated by each freaky ass cut. Look at the fucking LINES on this pumped rump! I've seen less lines on a train track. Choo-choo!!


OH MY FUCKING GOD!! LOOK AT THAT ASS!! That big thick PLUMP juicy ASS!! Those massive cushions of man meat could feed the entire population of a small island for a whole month! How does the owner find underpants and posing trunks to cover that thing! By the looks of things..he doesn't. Lucky fucking us! Those poor posing trunks just don't stand a fucking chance with those meaty fuckers. Now imagine walking behind him when he's wearing nothing but those posers...watching those big beefy buttocks wiggling and jiggling and wibbling and wobbling with every fucking step! I think I might have just died and I'm now in big juicy muscle rump heaven!

Which one gets your glute loving juices flowing the most??


  1. hey muscleaddict nice work with the blog of the best of the best with the glutes!!! i know about 3 out of the 5 of which glutes is who but i dont want to spoil it for any one my favorite is number 3 and and 1!!!! but who is number 2 that is a powerful and ripped motherfucker!!! you do need a strong grip to spread these awesome glutes apart. i will say that with the last one number 5 that what makes number 5 good is the fact that his back is like a brick wall and very powerful from head to toe so when you get to the waist and look at those glutes you're breathless!!!! i like that you have this it makes me want to work my glutes even more and maybe one day i can be up here for this blog!!!! take care and keep doing it great work!!!!.

  2. Ah man, what a rippling ocean of big beautiful beefy backsides! I'd love to 'take a dip' in each and every one of 'em! Excellent choices my friend, from ultra-ripped and huge #1, juicy-as-fook #2, hard and freaky #3, lined loveliness #4 and plump rump #5! I love that you've managed to find not just 5 wonderful rears, but 5 wonderful different *types* of rear; as a glute-maniac it's great to see so many diverse, and equally horny, categories of bum-meat represented here. I *think* I could put a face to all the arses on display (as well as putting my face BETWEEN all the arses on display, SLURP!) but like BBF01 I won't spoil it for folks who don't I might be wrong! Anyway I CAN'T WAIT to see which butt 'trumps' the to speak! Great post MA; fun, sexy and very cheeky, quite literally! :-)

  3. You always bring it in spades man! Great blog! Great asses that make me hot for more muscle! What a great idea - a butt contest for muscleheads! Terrific! I'm dying to find out who they all are - especially no. 5, the huge as hell beefy butt! What a man! Great job, Addict, keep it coming, if you know what I mean! Cheers!

  4. Some lovely comments being posted here! Thanks guys ;) I had a lot of fun creating this post and the results were not easy to predict at all but love that so many have voted for the big meaty mammoth ass that is #5! For me it's a toss up between that big juicy rump of a bootie and the crazy hot thick striated buns of beef that make up #2, followed by those freaky as fucking FUCK shrivelled up striated to hell nasty man glutes peeking out of those posing trunks on #3! Thanks again for the love guys!

  5. Great post, muscleaddict! Lots of fun and good comparisons! Will you reveal the owners of these boulder buns to us? I think I know 1, 3, and 4, but Juicy #5 is a mystery to me.

    Also, how about doing a Vote for your Favorite Quads, Pecs, Arms, Abs, and Package?!

    1. Thanks matie, and yeah, I'll be revealing the names of all the owners of the glutes in my next post! ;) Oh and I'm one step ahead of you buddie..I can't promise I'll do a poll for each body part but I'll definitely at least one similar poll for another in the future!!


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