Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Ok fellow muscle addicts/beef junkies/lovers of huge nasty roid bulls, time for another picture collection of monstrously effing HUUUUGE, cut to bleedin' buggery (we're talking lines and grooves so deep you could lose your fingers in them for weeks), shredded to within an inch of their lives, ripped like no human has EVER been ripped before, flat out freaky as hell, superhuman, otherworldly, cartoon-esque FREAKS/BEASTS/GODS who've been put on this Earth solely for the likes of me and thee to obsesses/lust/fantasise over/go weak at the knees/dizzy in the head for and lose all fucking sense/reason/inability to think of *anything* other than how insanely fucking HOT beyond the telling of it these MASSIVE muscle beasts are, with their slabby marble-esque pecs which twitch and bounce, their hard croquet shaped vein encrusted biceps which explode and bulge, their stacked cut to fuck paper thin skin covered abs which crunch and scrunch, their massive thick tree trunk-esque quads which wobble and shake, and their hard nasty grotesquely striated booties which tighten and tense, as they pump, stomp, flex, squeeze, and show off their freaky-ass God-like creations with the cockiest, shit hottest arrogant, hyer-butch aggressive attitude like fucking ANIMALS who have been given an overdose of pure fucking testosterone (ggggrrrrr-RUFF RUFF RUFF), as your jaw drops, your heart races, your head pounds, your toes curls, and you whimper and bite down on your bottom lip while seriously doubting that any other living person has ever been *this* fucking aroused/excited before! FAAAAWWKK!!

Bodybuilders featured in this post: Antoine Vaillant, Nick Trigili, Jay Cutler, Roman Fritz, Hristomir Hristov, Raciel Castro, Fouad Abiad, Emiliano Dell'Umomo, Milan Sadek, Baitollah Abbaspour, Aaron Clark, Tomas Bures, Kevin Tomasini, Louis Bessinger, Cody Montgomery, Chris Cormier, Toney Freeman, Dexter Jackson, Ben "Pacman" Pakulski, Scott Turner & Paul Poloczek.

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  1. ADDICT- I love it that a great many bodybuilders love to show their glutes off in public. How long do you think they spend in the mirror analyzing their ass to make sure its worthy to be seen on stage or photographed in the gym or anywhere else. DO THEY GET SECOND OPINIONS? I guess it is like every other body part- if you work at it and it gets big and striated and juicy show it off. Whatever- asses are hot and I thank you for devoting several posts to GLUTEUS MAXIMUS--KEEP THEM CUMMING.

  2. Love your exceptional taste in glute shots too, ADDICT.

    I remember the first glute pic I ever saw back in 1990. It was Hamdullah Aykutlu in FLEX, and I was blown away by the details, the lines, the shameless glory of his gorgeous, pumped-to-the-limites ass. I remember how rare striated asses were back then -- and how most people (even bodybuilding fans) thought shredded glutes were sorta gross or unnecessary to show off in contest. But not me!
    Thankfully, the ass is rightly considered a muscle to proud display and train the hell out of. Go go, glutes!

  3. Addict - have you any pics of Jonathan Casimiro?

    1. Not familiar with him matie but I will look him up!

  4. Damn matey, another freakin awesome collection of pics! Pretty much all of the lads here are flexing to the extreme, let's face it, it's the only way to pose! I just love it when the shorts come off and the sweats come down and they show off the beef, is there anywhere these monsters WON'T flex??? The stage shots are just outrageously full of attitude, come on lads, trunks on and let's see some fuckin MUSCLE!!! ;)

  5. Great shots,love the really the thick very wide short guys...any big shots of Paco Bautista he is perfection,very thick everywhere,worship those massive legs!and he gets extremely wet post workout.must say I don't get why all these boys feel they have to dye themselves orange!,what's that all about?..great site,thanks

  6. You;ve got some pics of Aaron Clark I've never seen before. great work. What a nice muscular body he has. Drives me crazy. Puts me to sleep every night.


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