Saturday, 6 April 2013


When I ran the "Vote for your favourite bodybuilders of 2012" poll on the blog last year, the biggest surprise was that you guys voted Hungarian muscle hottie Peter Molnar in 2nd place. I knew he had his fair share of fans, but I slightly underestimated just how popular this pumped up pretty boy was. And rightly fucking so!! The guy is a living, breathing, walking, talking, pumping, posing, flexing, squeezing fucking GOD!! His body is like a work of fucking art! With his amazing symmetry, beautiful aesthetics, and huge thick hard tight juicy muscle mass, Peter looks like a fucking cartoon!! Look at those thick slabs of pec meat hanging from his chest! Look at those deeply grooved cut to fuckery tight as hell abdominal muscles! Look at those fucking HUGE rock hard-to-the-touch boulder biceps exploding and bulging underneath his dangerously thin skin! Look at that incredible fucking TINY tapered waist you have to rub your fucking eyes upon witnessing just to make sure they're not playing tricks on you! And oh yeah...look at that bloody GORGEOUS, handsome as hell, pretty boy face which compliments that stonk of a bod so bloody beautifully, and which he just fucking LOVES to screw and scrunch up into the nastiest, hottest, cockiest grimaces, switching everyones thoughts from "oooh look how gorgeous and dreamy...I just wanna stare into his big pretty eyes and melt into his massively pumped arms" to "FUCKING 'ELL...what a NASTY grizzly fucking tude pumped FUCKER...I just wanna fill up my boxer briefs with half a pint of fucking man milk (phwooooarrrr)"! In short...the greatest, most genius fucking muscle obsessed imagination on Earth could not dream up a guy like Peter!!

And here's what you guys have said about him in the past (you bloody awesome/horny lot you)...

"Gawwwwwd Petey looks like he's a walking, breathing comic book illustration come to LIFE!! Really gives new meaning to the "hour-glass" physique...massively pumped up pecs and lats and some of the most INSANE quads in the game flanking that tight lil six-pack encased by the tiniest waist imaginable! In short, this man is a GOD." By omfgmuscles

HOLY FUCKING FUCK!! Everything said here times a bloody million!! God you're good "omfg" but erm...we kinda knew that already!

Glad to see this muscle god at the top of the list. This muscle pumped dream has the hottest most insanely pumped pec slabs on the planet, not to mention his massively hard and striated quads and glutes. Addict, keep more posts of him coming! By Anonymous

I forgot to mention the glutes! Shame the fuck on me!! THAT ASS!! OH MY GOD!! Huge hard and juicy, blowing so far out of his posing trunks when he turns to the rear it's practically in the front row of the audience (lucky fucking audience)!

the titanic was the SHIP OF DREAMS, PETER has to be the hottest, most stunning, super shredded, carved out of human steel, MAN OF DREAMS, inducing soaked briefs and heart rates to rise the world over. beyond worship!!!!!!!! By Anonymous

Switch MAN for PUMPED UP FUCKING MUSCLE GOD and you're spot fucking on Anonymous!

This is it. The hottest of the HOT BB and he is still growing. Superb, is an understatement. I am with you... I need, beg for more. By Anonymous

Your begging days are over...


  1. Is there a Peter Molnar fan convention somewhere this weekend that I don't know about? Where are all the fans of this insanely hot pumped up freaky as fuck Hungarian mountain of muscle meat? Sorry to be negative but you're kind of letting me down a bit with the lack of comments for this one lads.

  2. MA please don't let my (just speaking for myself as one of your many jack off addicts) silence on Muscle God Molnar make you think twice of the impact your post has had on my worship......I am back to let loose #4 on this post alone. His bulk and striations, I could just see pic of his chest and know which specimen of masculine superiority my dick is saluting. Handsome and intimidating, he is one of my favorite worship spurt targets. Thanks MA for keeping my addiction juices flowing and flowing.

  3. Busy w/e M.A. so this was a real Monday a.m. treat for a true Molnar junkie. Thank you! thank you! thank you!!! He's incredible. The narrow waist and height can make him seem slight at first careless glance - but God! those guns and those lats. There's one shot of him in the so called "relaxed" pose. This post is true wanking material for a magnificent handsome hunk of perfect sculpted manly perfection. Yum bloody yum!!!

  4. Hey man, love your blog. You definitely know how to choose the biggest, freakiest musclemen.

    I've added a link to you on my blog, any chance you can do the same for me?

  5. Álmomban Péter Molnár Bálint. Nem tudok betelni vele! Köszönjük a videókat és képeket felvenni.

    I dream of Peter Molnar. If this a fan convention, count me in 200% and he keeps getting better.

  6. Awesome collection of pics as ever mate. That first one is just fuckin outrageous. The mass, that v shape, the veins, the striations, the full on squeeze, that scrunched up look of determination and desperation on his face, mental! He knows how to work it, after all what's the point in building your physique up to this level and competing if you're not gonna flex like fuck??? ;)

  7. MA
    Sorry, I'm a bit late with my response. I've been busy with other things lately, that have caused me to put aside "pleasure activities".

    Although I didn't vote for Molnar as my number one (I know your comment was a general observation, not aimed at me in particular).

    I'd count myself as a fan, cause he's very hot. Even if he didn't have muscles he's hot, with muscles, well he moves into the megahot category. Now that he's paying more attention to his legs, he's into thermometer meltdown territory. Then when you throw in that facial hair, and mohican - he's moving into unchartered waters of male hotness. (I still prefer Ben P, you know my reasons), but Molnar is no doubt one hell of a guy, and deserves the right to have men spunk up over his physique imho.


  8. Molnar is hot and well chosen -I just wish he did not overdo the tanning lotion- I find it distracting when they are posing on stage and sweating it off. But how do I get the job of applying it before they compete and sucking them off after they compete. I digress- Molnar is great. MA I am waiting for you to post a collection of Italian bodybuilders glutes. They seem to show more glutes than even the Hungarians who have heavy handfulls of muscled round ass exposed - but the Italians have freaky tight striations of exposed glutes and constantly bend over mooning the crowd and showing the gluteus maximus definition and separation from the hamstrings- its amazing

    1. I've only seen Thomas Benagli, Maurizio Cesseli and Emiliano DellUomo and they all have hot asses. Thank you Italy!!

  9. Some awesome comments and praise for this amazingly fucking horny hour glass of thick full tight hard jacked shredded Hungarian man meat!! Looks like my original comment was a little premature. I was starting to think Pete had lost it..or much more likely, I had!

    Agree with the comments about those Italian booties..always big hard and striated to fuck..especially Emiliano! FUCK! What an ass that little Italian ball of beef has blowing out of any posing trunks lucky enough to attempt to contain them! Not sure about an entire post of Italian bb's glutes but I do have an idea for a glutes related post, which is a little different to my previous ones, that I think you guys will like!

  10. Looking forward to a #4 Peter Molnar.. Can't get enough of this freaky monster!

  11. Sorry, but is got to be my favorite. Can not get enough of Peter.


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