Wednesday, 10 April 2013


GREG "MUTANT" DOUCETTE!! What a ridiculously handsome 5' 6 pocket rocket of HARD tight pumped to the max, ripped to the brink, shredded to the nth de-fuckin-gree, drum tight skin encased Canadian man meat!!

Greg is one of those bodybuilders you have to watch in action to really appreciate just how insanely fucking HOT he is! There are some incredible vids on Greg's YouTube channel (one of which I featured in my last "YouTube Videos" post) of him flexing and posing in the gym/locker room, blowing up his croquet ball biceps, crunching his beautiful Saran Wrap skin covered abdominals, popping his juicy striated pec cushions, and tensing/slapping (in one vid) his hard shredded pins for the camera. All the while scrunching his gorgeous mush into all sorts of outrageously hot facial expressions, puffing out his cheeks and adorably wincing with concentration and effort as he cranks his stuff and squeezes his shit. BOOF!! Every time he flexes/crunches/blows up one of his hard tight mounds of muscle he lets out *the* hottest exhaling noises, humpf-ing and ooommpf-ing as his muscle tightens and compresses to its flexed striated freaky as fuck state.

And then there are the vids of Greg in shredded competition condition flexing it up on stage (also included at the end of this post) tanned and ripped from head to toe in his shiny red glute huggers. OH MY EFFING GOD!! The way he just fucking lets rip! He's such a playful, animated, cheeky, cocky fucking poser (as you can also see from the stage shots below), arrogantly scrunching up his gorgeous mush and biting down HARD on his bottom lip as he blows up his rock hard biceps like "HMPPFFF...YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS" and outrageously opening his mouth wide as he cranks out a hands on hips beef popping Most Muscular like he's roaring at the audience like a fucking animal! Its almost as if he watched a bunch of vids of the cockiest bodybuilders out there in preparation for hitting the stage and thought "right that's what I need to do when I'm up on that stage in my shiny red posers...ripped tight and shredded to the Heavens...even though Im a big old sweetie pie nice guy really" which he clearly fucking is!

Greg won his pro card at last years Canadian Nationals (along side Antoine Vailliant) and will be making his pro debut at next months New York Pro, but he hasn't spent his whole life being a ripped up mutated muscle freak. Greg actually used to be a P.E teacher. Can you fucking imagine having a P.E teacher like THAT when you were at school?! You'd be doing everything in your power to get a one on one detention with him on a daily bases. "'ve caught me smoking outside the main entrance of the sports hall which you are guaranteed to walk out of every day in your vest and shorts which all of your freakishly ripped muscle bulges and explodes out of Mr Doucette. Detention again? Damn it! And you've got something really boring lined up for me that I won't have any interest in whatsoever? You've got one of your bodybuilding competitions next weekend and you need someone to film a video of you posing and flexing and squeezing and cranking your hard shredded ripped pumped striated freaky as fuck man beef in your tight boxer briefs which cling to your hard as nails bod like a second fucking skin as you hiss and hmmpff and ooommpf and pffffft? Oh no! How terrible. I will never smoke or mis-behave again sir"!!

And much as I love the "Mutant" nickname, I've come up with an alternative, just in case Greg ever gets bored and feels like adopting a new one. It's not quite as catchy or memorable as his current one, but I feel it sums him up pretty well. So here goes...lets test this out...

Picture the scene, it's the 2013 New York Pro, and the commentator is announcing the next bodybuilder to hit the stage and perform his posing routine, "...and next up making his pro debut, all the way from Halifax, Canada, Greg "I Used To Be A High School P.E Teacher Giving Detentions Out To Every Slightly Effeminate Lad In The Bloody School Who Seemed To Only Misbehave In My Lessons Funny That And Now I'm A HARD Tight Striated To Fuckery Ripped To The High Bleedin' Heavens Muscle Freak Who Huffs And Puffs As I'm Cranking Out My Poses To The Camera And Then Turns Into An Outrageously Fucking Cocky FUCKER When I Hit The Stage In My Shiny Red Posing Trunks Biting Down On My Bottom Lip As I'm Blowing Up My Crazy Huge Biceps Into A Front Double Bicep And Outrageously Opening My Mouth While Slamming Down Into A Hands On Hips Most Muscular Like I'm About To Swallow The Nearest Judge Who Looks Like He's Just Cum In His Pants And Who Also Strangely Looks Like One Of My Slightly Effeminate Ex-Students" Doucette"!

Hmmm...think it could catch on?!


  1. Great post about Greg! Some great shots of the ripped, pumped dude! I read somewhere that he was arrested for smuggling/trafficking illegal steroids! Hope that doesn't ruin his chances at the NYPro contest! He's so hot! Thanks for this post!

  2. Hey addict -- when will you be doing a blog about Erik Fankhouser? He's magnificent and so huge! Check him out on Flex Online and his Facebook page! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about him.....

  3. Thanks for the comments Jimmy. Eric is awesome! Amazing quads and the calves are insane! No plans to do a post on him yet but I might do one of him in the future.


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