Saturday, 13 April 2013


A few months ago I did a post featuring some of the biggest and hottest current American amateur it's the turn of the pros! Much like the amateurs, there are so many potential guys to feature here, so I've limited it to only guys who have competed in the last few years. Naturally there are still a few omissions, but the following are who I essentially think are the biggest, best, hottest, freakiest, most monstrous, ripped, shredded, jacked, stacked pro bodybuilders/muscle freaks/beasts/monsters the USA currently has to offer!

Full rundown of the guys featured (in order of appearance): Evan Centopani, Branch Warren, Toney Freeman, Phil Heath, Branden Ray, Cedric McMillan, Dallas McCarver, Dexter "The Blade" Jackson, Seth Feroce, Jay Cutler, Aaron Clark, Johnnie Jackson, Kai Greene, Toney Freeman, David Henry, Shawn Rhoden, Steve Kulco, Brandon Curry, Victor Martinez, Jason Huh, Lionel Beyeke, Mark Dugdale, Jose Raymond, Brian Yersky, Darron Glenn, Keith Williams, Fred Smalls, Ben White, Marcus Haley, Justin Compton, Mark Alvisi, Juan Morel, Guy Cisternino, Michael Liberatore, Edward Nunn, Sean Allan, Lee Powell, Bill Willmore, Stan Efferding, Al Auguste, Todd Jewell, Kevin English, Grigori Atoyan, Troy Alves, Jeff Long, Tricky Jackson, Jon Delarosa, Nathan Detracy, JB Bartlett.


Link to my "American Amateur" post:

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  1. MA
    Incredible post.It's like the who's who of pro-ranks in the US.

    My favs were there like Evan C, Seth F, Branch W, Todd J, Jason H, Justin C, Shawn R, Michael L, and Branden R.
    I'm not sure if Desmond Miller is a pro, but I do like him loads.
    Lionel B(eyeke), is a naturalised French national. He hails originally from Cameroun.

    Many hot and sexy poses, and a huge spread of photos. It must have taken you ages.

    Thanks loads MA.


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