Monday, 29 April 2013


For me, the way a bodybuilder poses & the attitude he adopts on stage has a huge part to play in how hot I find him. In fact I’d say it’s often more important than a guys look & body. If a bodybuilder isn’t necessarily the best looking guy, or the biggest or most ripped, but just has the most awesome/outrageously cocky style of posing and rips up the stage like a fucking ANIMAL I am fucking sold. I LOVE cocky/arrogant/cheeky/playful/animated posers! Guys who hit the stage really fucking PUMPED and really go for it, give it fucking HELL as they flex and squeeze their huge freaky tan drenched roid beef!!

One element of cocky posing which drives me fucking NUTS is when a guy/pumped up muscle freak in a pair of shiny posers cheekily/cockily/playfully scrunches and screws up his mush as he’s hitting his poses. I’m not even sure why, but it just does things to me I can’t explain! This post is dedicated to those bodybuilders who *love* to cheekily screw up their faces like scrunchy lil’ monkeys when they’re on stage scrunching their tight hard beautiful six pack abs/blowing up their tissue paper encased bowling ball biceps/cranking out those football shaped trap exploding most musculars/basically just fucking letting RIP!

I’m aware there are probably some of you for whom this doesn’t really do anything for, so you might not quite “get” this post, but I also know there are a few of you who feel exactly the same as me, so this one’s for all the scrunchy mush lovers out there!

Brace yourself lads for some of the cutest/hottest/cockiest/cheekiest face snarlers/mush scrunchers in the business! “SQUEEZE THAT HUGE PUMPED BEEF LAD AND SCRUNCH THAT SCRUNCHY MONKEY MUSH YOU HARD TIGHT JACKED RIPPED MUSCLE FREAK YOU. GRRRRR-UFF”!


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