Monday, 4 March 2013


DEXTER JACKSON = HUGE RIPPED JACKED SHREDDED AMERICAN PRO MASS MONSTER/BODYBUILDING SUPERSTAR!! The one time Mr Olympia took the 2013 Arnold Classic title this weekend (his 4th win in the shows history), beating the likes of fellow American pro monsters Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson and the always freakishly conditioned, hugely popular, beyond fucking hot Canadian muscle freak Ben “Pacman” Pakulski, who take 2nd place. It's not hard to see why Dexter won. Not only he is an absolute fucking beast, but he ALWAYS competes in fucking SHREDDED condition. He always comes in looking huge, hard, full, peeled and jacked to fucking fuck, and his tude and stage presence is always awesome! I fucking love it when Dex goes into "BEAST MODE". The way he just fucking lets rip, scrunching up his face and arrogantly opening his mouth wide as he cranks out his poses. He likes to grunt and growl too as he's showing the world what a jacked up fucking FREAK he is. GRAAAARRR!!! His abs & thighs poses are absolutely incredible, with those shredded ab bricks popping out of his stomach like they're trying to burst through his dangerously thin skin. And of course, his money shot, the Most Musculars, are just fucking INSANE. The way those monstrous traps just fucking EXPLODE up to his earlobes, and everything just quadruples in size!! I’ll be doing more posts on some of the other competitors from the Arnold over the next few weeks (including one for incredibly hot/gorgeous German bodybuilder Roman Fritz) but for now, pay some attention to the mountain of huge monstrous roided up carved up muscle mass/former Mr O/bodybuilding superstar legend/four time Arnold champion that is Dexter "The Blade" Jackson...


  1. I noticed from these pictures, he has a really tiny waist like Peter Molnar.
    Dexter has a respectable physique. Very well put together and is finally addressing his lagging legs, which are alot better now than before (though he can still do alot more work on them).
    He must be doing something right to have bagged so many titles.
    I really like this picture

    He's positively glowing here

    and this one

    Turning it up a notch

    I like the wince, and bulging traps! He can turn it on when he wants to.

    Kudos to Dexter.


  2. Can't offer the considered opinion of oceej. I just know I drool over black muscle and whereas I consider myself a pecs and tits junkie I'd love to feel up Dexter's stunning lats. "Wide wide as the ocean!"

  3. Gotta love Dexter's most musculars. That already awesome physique just seems to pump up to crazy proportions when he goes for it. Those massive traps. That look of insane determination all over his face. Perfect example of CAN'T. FUCKING. FLEX. AND. STRAIN. HARD. ENOUGH. Keep flexin' em Dexter!!


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