Saturday, 2 March 2013


I've decided to create a muscle themed "bucket list"...

#1. Attend the Mr O in Vegas!

#2. Publish a book of short muscle fiction stories.

#3. Get involved in the production of a muscle video, which will involve...

#4. Being in a pump room backstage at a show surrounded by outrageously pumped, indecently huge, phenomenally shredded, competition conditioned muscle freaks, who I'll watch...

#5. Pump, flex, squeeze and crunch their ripped up, carved up, freakishly vascular man beef mere feet away from me, as they prepare to stomp on stage and just let fucking rip!! They'll also need to be caked from head to toe in shiny as shit, bronzed to fuck compeition tan first which...

#6. I'll be required to slap on with my bare hands! BOOOOING!! This will involve...

#7. Rubbing the tan into the huge thick juicy marble-esque muscle tits of a number of hot/cute/gorgeous, outrageously cocky/arrogant/pumped up (in more ways than one) roid monsters...

#8. Slapping the tan into their tight, stacked ab blocks (making sure to get in between each groove and seperation of the insanely hot, thinkly skinned bricks of stomach muscle), as they outrageously and shamelessly crunch out an abs and thighs with an "EURGHHH" or a "hiiiiisssssss", gorgeous mush arrogantly scrunched to fuck, all the time admiring themseleves in one of the pump room mirrors...

#9. Being instructed by one of the 200+ lbs of ripped, monstrous man meat to bend down, tuck his obscenenely shiny red posing trunks into the crack of his flat out freaky as fuck, cut to ribbons, striated to the depths of fucking Hell and back GLUTES and tan those babies up!!

#10. Get through all of the above without spontaneously filling my pants up with two and half litres of man milk!!

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  1. Your posts get me so turned on. Fifteen, twenty years ago I used to buy Flex mag, drool and wank myself stupid over the insane hyper-masculine muscle FREAKS and think I was the only guy in the world who felt this insane attraction... THANKS! xxx

  2. Bucket list? More like FUCK-IT list! What a wicked post this is and it's got my filthy little muscle-mind racing as to what I would put on mine! I think I'll just pinch each and every one of yours if you don't mind, they're so awesome! Especially loving #2, if you achieve this one then it's damn good new for us all! But being a nasty little ass-junkie #9 does things to me like you wouldn't believe! I seriously need to get my greedy paws on a set of 'striated to the depths of fucking Hell' (love it!) lad-glutes before I bite the big one.....and yes, by 'biting the big one' I *do* mean sinking my lil' teeth into those arse-cheeks of steel, CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP! Now all I have to decide is of the awesome asses you've posted, do I want to get munchy on the tight round globes of loveliness that is #8 or the gigantic sweaty 'planet in posers' that is arse #25?! Don't fight lads, there's plenty of noshing to go round! Thanks for (yet) another wicked-as-fucking-fuck post MA! You get better and better! ;-)

  3. Another HOT post. You have such exceptional taste in muscle studs!

    One question: Any possibility you could number or label the photos in these l-o-n-g posts with a mix of muscle bulls? I'd love to comment about specific images that really got me hard -- and I'm betting others would be interested as well...

  4. Who is the guy with perfect glutes in #8?

  5. And who the fuck is the ripped cutie inpics 16 and 34 with the big big package. That cock wants releasing from those posers and getting dealt with - one way or another! Great post MA. You are jacking your fellow muscle junkies up and the juice is flowing!

  6. Seriously, you want to get involved in production of a muscle video?Do you have any ideas of what you want to be involved in? Sky is the limit as they say. No doubt you'll keep us informed as to how these developments go. Good luck with the list.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments lads!! I would love to know who those freakishly striated hard as fuck glutes in pic 8 belong to but sadly I don't. The ripped up little cutie bulging out of his posers in 16 and 43 is Jakub Dvorak from Czech Republic. Oceej..the list was more meant as a tongue in cheek thing but like most here I would jump at the chance of being in a pump room surrounded by pumped tan drenched compeition ready muscle freaks!!


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