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In this selection of dangerously hot muscle videos, hot ripped Canadian muscle freak Greg Doucette flexes and squeezes his hard tight striated beef in a locker room, a shredded to fuck, always adorable Baitollah Abbaspour hits some poses in the gym, Chris Cormier coaches a ripped and noisy Lenyn Nunez on how to pose and squeeze it out in front of the mirror, Canadian muscle bull Santana Anderson flexes his HUGE pumped mass at home, and a group of ripped to shreds, tan drenched European muscle freaks let rip on stage!

Greg "Mutant" Doucette 13 days out from Canadian Nationals posing flexing

An insanely fucking HOT vid of ripped up handsome as all get out Canadian bodybuilder Greg "Mutant" (gotta love that nickname) Doucette flexing and squeezing his hard tight striated ripped to ribbons BEEF in a pair of the hottest little boxer trunks which cling so tightly to his rock hard bod they look painted on, while huffin' and a-puffin', grunting and a-gruffin', puffing his adorable cheeks out, blowing out air and screwing and scrunching that oh-so-gorgeous mush into all kinds of hot/awesome facial expressions, in between talking to the the camera in his adorable Canadian accent, telling us how he's "2 weeks oooot, and abooot 230 pooooonds", and playfully telling us about his "tiny little calves" (again...adorable)!

IFBB Nordic Pro: Baito Abbaspour at gym, three days out, POSING

Another crazy hot video of one of my favourite muscle freaks from last year, uber-gorgeous Iranian beef monster Baitollah Abbaspour in fucking SHREDDED condition, hitting some poses for the camera in the gym. Hands down the highlight is when he cheekily lifts up his vest to show us those rock hard stacked to fook ripped to ribbons abber dabbers, with that adorable, almost apologetic "awwww, yeah sorry about those freaky as fuck paper thin skin covered insanely hard stacked up ab blocks hiding under my vest", smirk on his face. He's clearly not *that* sorry though as he continues to flash those bad boys at us (poor us), twisting this way and that way, and then, surprising us by outrageously sucking in those ab blocks into a "vacuum pose" before "BAM", those stacked up rock hard babies are back to the front of his torso, crunching and exploding away like six beautiful bricks have invaded his stomach and are attempting to burst through the skin.


IFBB pro and former mass monster Chris Cormier takes two ripped up muscle lads through their posing. Juan is hot in his own rough dry daddy kinda way, but it's that ridiculously ripped up cocky as fucking FUCK, pumped (in more ways than one) hottie in the red trunks and black cap (plus about a tonne of fucking oil drenched over his ripped up beef bod) Lenyn Nunez who really gets my attention here! Not only is he ripped up and gorgeous, he also has the craziest, hottest tude, really fucking going for it with his posing, squeezing hard and letting RIP, while making *the* most outrageous fucking noises you've ever heard! Grunting and groaning and huffing and puffing his way through every fucking pose like "hmmpppffff", "oooommppff", "gruuuummpff", "yeeeeahhh" as Chris barks at him, telling him to "squeeze...squeeze"! So DAMN fucking unnecessary, and damn fucking outrageously HOT!!


Hot rough butch Canadian beef bull Santana Anderson hitting some poses at home. This guy/mountain of huge thick pumped muscle mass has such a fucking HOT vibe to him, like he knows just how unbelievably horny some people will find him, and the affect of seeing him squeezing out his poses, crunching his abs, and blowing up his biceps will have on them! Gotta fucking LOVE that outrageous quad wobble at the 2 minute mark, followed by a gentle slap before crunching out an abs and thighs. He has a really fucking butch, hard man, masculine style of posing, but there's a kind of soft, almost sensual vibe to it, as well a real underlying air of all out fucking arrogance!!

NABBA Worlds 2012 - Men 2

A comparisons video from last years NABBA World fetauring four ripped to fuck, crazy conditioned, tan drenched, cocky/pumped/noisy fuckers letting rip and battling it out side by side on stage. All four lads are crazy hot but it's the gorgeous/cheeky/handsome Czech baldie Ondrej Mlaka third from right who really gets my attention, with his cut up little abs which pulsate and jump and CRUNCH throughout the whole fucking thing like they have a mind of their own, and of course, *THE* most trunk-splattering NASTY, cocky, outrageous, fucking HOT noises/grunts/yells you've ever heard! Highlights for me include *the* dirtiest/cockiest/nastiest/HORNIEST sounding "ARRRRGGGGGH" at 0:28 as he SLAMS down into a front double bi and his massive PUMPED guns bulge either side his fuck off sexy mug, all fucking scrunched and he beams a devastatingly gorgeous/cocky smile in between puffing out his cute lil' cheeks, the SLAP SLAP SLAPPING the side of his massive meaty thigh, before letting out the HOTTEST, most arrogant/cocky "HOOOOO" and then a MASSIVE fucking "AHHHHHHH" as he hits a pec popping side chest and his face erupts with that gorgeous/proud as fuck grin at 0:38, and then the big finale at 1:41...that MASSIVE low down Most Muscular complete with the loudest, nastiest, cheekiest, most aggressive, hyper-macho, shameless, outrageous "EEEE-YAAHRRGGHH"!! Fucking awesome!!

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  1. Lenyn Nunez got my attention too. You don't see bodybuilders oiled up like that as much anymore but it's definitely a huge turn on. I just wish I had been the one who had rubbed it all over that sexy body!

  2. MuscleAddict, you are the BOMB! I just discovered your blog and it is truly awesome. The high-quality vids and pics of big/ripped bodybuilders would be reason enough to visit your site regularly, but it's your vivid description of their musclebodies which add tremendously to the overall hotness. Your sexy, hard-on-inducing writing describes the exact thoughts going through my head as I jerkoff to these musclegods. The only problem is that I have a difficult time getting through an entire post without blowing a big load!

    My impression is, from your writing, that two of your favorite things are also mine....Abs!, my favorite body part, and especially the vacuum pose (have you seen the YT videos by the young man who does this so well?)....and also a lot of oil on the muscle, highlighting it and making it shine (great example is the video of Lenyn Nunez). Am I right?

    Thanks again for all the erotic pleasure you are giving us fellow muscle-addicts!

    1. Wow..what a comment!! Thanks so much matie, always nice to hear when someone likes the blog, and even more so when someone compliments my writing as well as the pics/vids of huge pumped freakishly ripped muscle monsters/beasts/freaks/living breathing fucking GODS in indecently tiny shiny posing trunks (woof) I post! ;)

      I'm a HUGE abs fan matie! I just fucking love to see a ripped to hell set of ab blocks wrapped in wafer thin skin, popping through a guys stomach, crunched to fuck, deep cuts and grooves seperating each perfectly pumped muscle. Not sure if you're familiar with tumblr but there's a really good blog which posts some crazy hot ab pics called "Abessesive Complusion" well worth checking out. Big fan of guys who really slap on the oil and/or tan too matie!!

      Thanks again for the awesome/kind comment matie!! ;)


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