Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Not content with giving us the likes of the MASSIVE roided up tank on two legs Mohamed Salama, uber-hot/cute walking talking flexing squeezing orgasm in human form Osama Ashour, big butch handsome hard as nails shredded to hell beef freak Ahmad Ashknani, the absolute fucking monstrous FREAK that is Ramy Moh Elsipey and bald butch handsome as all get out beef hottie Ibrahim Samy, Egypt throws us yet *another* insanely hot mountain of pumped ripped muscle mass in the form of Ahmed Wardany! So what makes Ahmed worthy of his own blog post? Erm...well for a start he's fucking GORGEOUS!! If Mo Salama and Eduardo Correa got it on (phwoooarrr) and by some miracle one of them squeezed out a baby 9 months later, it would probably grow up to look a bit like this guy! Uber-fucking cute and adorable with a slight boyish charm and yet sooo fucking butch and manly (phwoooarrr a-bleedin-gain)! And then there's the bod. The guy is a BEAST and a fucking half!! Big and thick and bulging in all the right places and shredded to the high fucking heavens and back. He looks especially amazing in the stage shots squeezing out those monster Most Musculars! Those MASSIVE grapefruit delts exploding out...his big thick wide arms fighting for space with his juicy striated pecs...the stacked up ripped lil' abber dabbers bursting through the skin...FUCK YEAH!! And the guy is fucking RIPPPPED!! I love featuring new guys/jacked up wide as a house handsome as fuck muscle freaks on the blog cause I never quite know what kind of reaction and what kind of comments the post will get! Something tells me Mr Wardany will have his fair share of fans!


  1. Can't believe I'm the first to comment on this sexy mountain of ripped, mahogany, oiled muscle.The double biceps shots are creamingly irresistible. All is beautifully proportioned with stunning quads to balnce the upper body.Thanks M.A.

    1. I'm surprised at the lack of comments too! This guy is fucking incredible..the handsome/gorgeous/cheeky looks..the croquet ball biceps which explode up to the ceiling when flexed..those MASSIVE fucking watermelon delts exploding either side of his frame..those delicious little stacked up ripped to hell abdominals..I thought guys would be falling over themselves to praise him! At least you've got good taste mate ;)

  2. Yeah, muscleaddict gotta agree! This Egyptian God is a real eye-catcher Handsome Hunk, great symmetry Nice tiny-as-can-be posers
    Would be wild to see all of Him !


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