Thursday, 21 March 2013


Canadian pro mass monster/bodybuilding superstar Ben "Pacman" Pakulski stomped onto the Arnold Classic stage earlier this month to claim 2nd place (he placed 4th last year) losing out only to Dexter "The Blade" Jackson. Pacman always steps out in the most shockingly cut/ripped/shredded condition, and fuck me does he know how to flex/pose/show off those incredibly huge watermelon delts, those massive cut to fuck wheels and the rest of his huge monstrous mountain of mighty muscle mass. He is just the most awesome fucking poser! Always in "BEAST MODE", pumped to the max and displaying the craziest hyper-macho, uber-aggressive, cocky as hell attitude as he's stomping and strutting around the stage, snarling and scrunching up his face, grunting and yelling while cranking out his poses/squeezing it HARD/just fucking letting RIP!! Pacman is without a doubt amongst my favourite current mass monsters (along side Evan, Branch and Johnnie) and judging from the fact he came 10th in last years poll of your favourite bodybuilders (click here for the post, which features loads of pics of Pacman on stage from last year) a lot of you guys seem to feel the same. Next stop on the Muscle Monster Express for Pacman...2013 Mr Olympia!!


  1. Gotta love Ben. Super sexy Alpha beast. His legs are amazing.

  2. I never tire of seeing this guy. Simply packed with muscle from head to toe, with good aesthetics thrown in to match. All round symmetry, which he continues to improve.

  3. For me, it's all about the PAC-ASS. Geez that thing is a glory to behold. So round but also ridiculously ripped. I bet touching his ass is like touching fine-grain sandpaper...


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