Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Last week I put on a poll on the blog with a number of bodybuilders and asked you guys to vote for your favourite to feature in their own post. With 21% of the vote, 24 year old American muscle boy Justin Compton won the poll and I have to say, an awesome fucking choice! Not only is Justin one huge, stacked, thick, ripped & shredded to the bone muscle monkey, he also happens to be bloody gorgeous/cute as hell/sexy as fuck/handsome as all get out!!

Justin won his pro card at last years NPC Nationals, which is hugely impressive given his age. It's even more impressive when you look at pictures of how he looked just four years ago!! The transformation his body has gone through has just been incredible!! So much so, I've decided to format this post a little differently to normally, chronicling Justin's progress, starting with his most recent pics and going back to how he looked in 2008! Guaranteed you guys will be shocked! He looks like a completely different person! About twice the fucking size and about three times as cute/handsome! God only knows what he'll look like in another four years!!





And just for fun, a couple of comparison shots...



  1. great choice!!! the absolute quality of this young handsome muscled marvel is incredible. just look at the massive delts, huge bis, traps like a oxen yoke all granite carved tapering down to the most perfect set of shredded abs and deep carved quads and a set of the most etched glutes to wear out any tongue, skin like silk and to drive you totally nuts, his young rutting man pushes that tiny pouch out straight till there is no more stretch left in those posers. OH MY GOD. WOW!!!! he is one of the best out there to garantee me soaked drawers.

  2. Total boner maker. His transformation is the stuff of muscle growth fiction and morphs. Shit. Can't imagine all the work and food (and chemicals) he's gone through to go from cutie with some muscle to total muscle fuck toy. Keep it up, Justin!

  3. Good to know that I'm in step with the people's choice for a change.

    Justin Compton's transformation is without doubt incredible. I had to really look closely at the facial shot to see if it was the same person (I think it is the same person).

    He was pretty decent as a teenager, but now has risen to a whole other level of muscledom, as in jaw dropping and dick stiffening elite category.

    His competition photos show that he is really detailed, ripped from head to toe, and his back is amazing & delts are amazing!


  4. Could not hold back my balls from shooting by the time I got to the comparison pics at the end....every pic of this handsome young pumped stud got me harder and harder until I couldn't hold back anymore. Got a nice warm blast in my pants and you know I am going back for more worship. Thanks for the boner blast(s)

  5. Not bad for 24, amazing!


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