Saturday, 30 March 2013


Here are a few appropriate ways to describe South African muscle boy Louis Bessinger….

  • An outrageously hot carved up blonde haired cutie patootie beef stud with the most devastatingly horny set of hard tight cut to fuck abber dabbers which could double up as a fucking washboard and are about one hard crunch away from ripping clean through his paper thin “try and pinch it and you’ll fucking fail miserably” skin!

  • An insanely sexy lil’ beef packed muscle monkey whose jacked up, peeled to the brink muscle bod is so fucking RIPPED he looks like he got fucking SKINNED (thanks "omfgmuscles"), which comes with legs so fucking cut they look like they’ve been put through a gigantic human sized fucking shredder!

  • A HOT/gorgeous/adorable/dreamy piece of pumped up muscle spunkiness with a dangerously fucking SHREDDED carcass of slab upon slab of juiced up rippling BEEF which makes him look like a Greek fucking marble statue which has been sprinkled with magic fairy dust and has come alive, grabbed the nearest pair of posing trunks it could find and just started flexing/squeezing/letting rip for anyone lucky enough to witness!

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