Monday, 18 February 2013


A while back I did a post called "Three Polish Muscle Bulls" which featured some insanely fucking HOT photo shoot pics of Polish bodybuilders Robert Piotrkowicz, Radek Slodkiewicz and Marek Olejniczak grimacing, snarling and scrunching up their hot macho mushes as they arrogantly pumped up their huge freaky mass in the gym.

Piotrkowicz was undoubtedly the biggest & freakiest of the three and is now a monstrous fucking pro bodybuilder, and I've always had a soft spot for outrageously hot/handsome Radek, who I've already done a few posts on, so naturally Marek was my least favourite of the three at the time. He was also the smallest/less balls out freaky guy of the trio! So has anything changed since those photo shoot pics? Erm...HELL FUCKING YES!! I don't know what the FUCK Marek has been doing/eating/shoving into every available orifice since those pics were taken but he's ballooned into an absolute fucking BEAST!! Marek hit the stage a few times last year looking huge as fucking FUCK! Massive delts exploding out for miles, big meaty solid quads, an outrageous set of blown up, pumped to fuckery guns and one hell of a pair of fucking THICK juicy muscle tits. Add to that a hot/butch/macho bald head and sexy daddy-fied looks and you have one fucking HOT mountain of huge thick pumped Polish meat on your hands. What's Polish for "WOOF FUCKING WOOF"?!

More Polish bodybuilders:



  1. Thick, grainy muscle on a macho ruffy handsome face=HOT. And that pic of him with the always fucking lovely SZYMON!! mmmmm. Last but not LEAST the pic of him with the medal in his teeth!! OUTRAGEOUSLY jacked up bod pumped to the max, biting down on that medal like "grrrrrrrrrr-RUFF!" *Faints at keyboard*

    1. Damn it OMFG you put that so fooking well! What a big bulging hunk-o-MAN Marek is! But there's also a butt-load of cuteness in those biiig twinkly boyish eyes and cheeky laddish grin, what a LETHAL COMBO! And don't even get me started on that BOD! Thick doesn't even begin to describe the beef this lad is packing, I mean seriously he looks like someone shoved a bicycle pump up his big meaty lad-arse (lucky pump!) and went hell-for-leather on the pedal! ALL the pics here are flippin' beauts (LOVE the most muscular shots so fucking much!) but I'm also totally drawn to that 'biting on the medal' one too mate, just so damn horny/funny/CUTE all in one! Thanks MA for the wicked-as-ever intro and for bringing this gigantic slab of WANK to our attention! And I don't know about *fainting* on my keyboard OMFG, more like spunking all over the damn thing! Sper-LAT! ;-)

  2. Golly gosh...It's like I'm rushing to catch a bus. The difference is not the the next bus (post) won't be along soon, but the bus will be an entirely different bus going to a different destination (ie on another subject).

    Yep, Marek is the real deal. I like him not only as he grown substantially since the last post you did on him, but he's also very sexy (without him trying to be).

    I think these has to be my favourite posts of his in this batch.
    Busting out!!

    The way the muscles are just bursting out all over his body, and they are so dense and ripped. His facial expression, kind of suggests that he's very sexual.

    Eye popping stunner!

    This I like for the above reasons mentioned, and the contrast in muscle groups, massive arms and delts, and a small lean waist. You can see his intercostals so clearly, and that look of smug satisfaction on his face. Like he's pleased, that we are gobsmacked by him.

    A total hottie from Poland.

    PS, my e-mail reply will come this weekend.


  3. I agree Addict that Marek is a Beast! He does have incredible,beastly big and juicy muscle tits and overall ripped as hell size - He is right up there with some of the big beasts from Czech republic like Dalibor Hajek or the massive beast from Belarus,Alexei Shabunya (both of which I think you show devote a post comparing them to Marek).Great pic of him and the smaller muscle boy with him showing off his massiveness. After seeing these pics I am horned up big time.

  4. Fuckin hell i'm loving Showmethemuscle's comment about the bike pump! I guess it is true that these muscle beasts do pump themselves up, and up, and up some more, and absolutely WILL NOT stop until they've pumped themselves up into the most massive, freaky, grotesquely beautiful hulks of extreme muscle! I can't get enough of the pics where he's posing outside at what looks like a strongman event with just his trunks and shades on, YOU GO FOR IT SON!! While I guess strongmen and bodybuilders have a fair bit in common it's like he went strutting into the middle of the field sporting THE smuggest grin possible and went 'yeah yeah you think you've seen it all with these boys showing off their strength, but this is what a REAL man looks like, BOOOOOM!!!'


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