Friday, 15 February 2013


Egyptian bodybuilder Ibrahim Samy recently placed the following advert in the lonely hearts column of his local newspaper...

200+ lbs of hard thick pumped juicy hardcore bodybuilding freaky as fuck man meat. Often described by others as "hot butch bald and sexy (phwoooarrr)". Seeks very open minded partner whose parents won't faint dead on the spot, have an instant heart attack or projectile vomit when you turn up on the doorstep arm in arm with me to Sunday dinner. Must be comfortable with frequent displays of hyper aggro, outrageously cocky, in yer face, hard, nasty, freaky muscle posing & flexing, as will be required to watch me stomp and strut around the living room/bedroom wearing nothing but my white Levi's undies or red shiny posing trunks, pumped and ripped to fuck, huge thick smooth beef bulging and spilling out in every imaginable direction, stacked abs crunching, plump pecs popping and beastly biceps bulging, as I practice my posing routine for my next competition. Along with a GSOH, ideal partner must also have an ATBITSRAMFFMWYPE (ability to be in the same room as me for five minutes without your pants exploding) as this has been a particular problem with previous partners. Must be a good cook as I consume 6-8 high protein meals a day, and must also be prepared to help with scrubbing certain body parts in the shower, mostly the middle part of mg back as I'm so big I can no longer reach it. Must also be prepared to accompany me to all my bodybuilding competitions where you'll be expected to help me climb into my indecently shiny posing trunks which may get stuck when trying to pull them up past my huge thick wide tree trunk-esque quads. Will then be expected to apply the darkest shiniest tan and rub it in to every monstrously thick, freakishly shredded, hard flexed braided rippling muscle on my huge tank of a body. It will be backstage where you'll most likely meet my fellow roid devouring Arabic/Egyptian beef monster muscle buds Mohamed Salama, Ramy Moh Elspiey, Osama Ashour & Ahmad Ashknani, all of whom are just as ripped and freaky and monstrous as me, and you may be expected to apply all of their tans with your bare hands, in between them flexing and squeezing their ridiculously huge hard mass and going through all the mandatory bodybuilding poses in their tiny glute gobbling posing trunks, complete with indecently cocky/pumped/"I know I'm the a shit hot fucking monster and its taking everything in your power NOT to cream your knock knocks watching me let rip and flex my huge freaky man meat" facial expressions spread across their hot/butch/handsome faces while standing less than a foot away from your quivering body.



  1. muscle addict- you are fuckin outrageous-- that ad give me a woody-gay arab muscle- advertising for a partner/slave with bulging muscle buddies he wants to share you with back stage in their tiny shiny posers wanting to be tanned/oiled up from their delts to their big popping pecs and erect nipples and those huge freakin biceps and slatherin oil with bare hands across their rippling abs and around to their exposed tight gluteus maximus flexin as you linger with your greasy palms until you get on your knees and give full attention to their beyond huge quads and hamstrings as they pose in front of you shoving their cock and balls in your face unashamedly getting off on teasing you but acting like it's no big deal as they see they have given you a raging hard on and are going to blow a load in your pants... they are waiting to be called onstage. You were just the fluffer to their egos.. you lucky bastard.

  2. Where the FUCK do I sign?! Oh. My. DAYS! Could this be *the* most awesome fucking post, like EVER?! Totally imaginative, hilarious beyond words, horny as FUCK and just plain adorable to the max! And what a wicked lad to give this treatment to! Samy is massive, cute/studly, thick as shit, hard as nails but there's a really 'juicy' quality to his muscles too which all combined make him pretty fucking unstoppable! But if there's anything in this world hornier than Samy himself it's this bloody intro! I'm honestly not sure whether it was your wicked choice of pics/vid OR your horny-ass muscle-musings which sent my freshly-lubed fingers dancing merrily around my throbbing bell-end.....I'm thinking the latter! MA, you are *the* MAN! Love your taste in the beef, love your crazy/horny muscle words, LOVE this blog! ;-)


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