Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Ok so far we've had posts dedicated to Russian roiders, Hungarian hotties, British beasts, French freaks, and last month I did a post featuring some of the biggest and hottest current amateur American bodybuilders. It's now time to give some attention to some of the biggest, nastiest, cockiest, cutest, freakiest beef monsters/roid bulls/juice monkeys/muscle boys from Canada to hit the bodybuilding stage in recent years.

Bodybuilders featured (in order of appearance): Insanely popular, handsome as hell, hot as fuck bodybuilding superstar beef stud Antoine Vaillant, ridiculously fucking cute/gorgeous/sexy, ripped to the High Heavens/Canadian mountains Greg Doucette, HOT sexy bald butch beef bastard Lou Joseph, the outrageously fucking COCKY, ever awesome, always handsome, massive mountain of dry ripped man meat/Stud-Zilla that is Frank McGrath, insanely fucking hot/handsome freak of muscle nature/shamelessly bright shiny posing trunk sporting, outrageously fucking awesome/cocky/aggro posing, dangerously sexy from bald head to tan caked toe spunk monster Ben Pakulski who makes me weak in the knees and wet in the crotch, the big butch mohawked mass of thick dry roid beef that is Fouad Abiad (WOOF ME), sexy as fucking FUCK, hyper butch, heavily tattooed, dry as fuckity fuck muscle freak Santana Anderson, indecently pumped, roid gutted, hot mushed, freakishly muscled Woofy McWoofster Mark Richman, outrageously fucking ker-yuuuute young ripped up muscle monkey Khaled Chikhaoui, nasty as FUCK, dry as a nuns spunk bucket, grotesquely fucking ripped muscle daddy Marc Lavoie and lastly, big butch bald gruff sexy/handsome mountain of macho man meat Mike Van Wyck.


  1. if we're voting again in canada it would be, of course the ultimate specimen of muscle lust on earth ANTOINE, the ever gorgeous blue eyed greatest legs on earth BIG BEN WOOF!!!! and i've creamed over him forever, handsome, sexy, greatest forearms on earth FRANK!!!! great post addict with the greatest muscle cream of the north.

  2. I like to imagine I'm snowbound in a cabin in northern Manitoba with Antoine Vaillant , Ben Pakulski and Frank McGrath . It's 10 degrees below zero outside and all we have to keep warm is a roaring fire and each others bodies . What happens next is so hot it will turn Canada into Mexico .

  3. i'd like to be snowbound in that cabin with no fire, just Antoine, Ben and Frank pumped to the brink, raining sweat and curtious enough to wrap me in their superhuman, gorgeous muscles to keep me warm and ask me if i'd be curtious enough to use me tongue to massage their sweat drenched MUSCLED JUNK!!!!WOOF!!!!OOH!!!!AAAAH!!!!LAP,LAP,LAP!!!!!!!!!

  4. FAAAACK where do you start with these guys??!! Definitely plenty of muscle mania kicking right off in Canada! Backstage is there anyone whose job it is to verbally pump these lads up, adjust their hot as fuck posers and just tell them how fuckin awesome they look? Cos I want that job!

    "Alright big man pump it up, come on let's see it, pump it hard. Yeah that's it get those veins popping mate, awesome. Now let's see those trunks buddy, pull those straps up, stretch em, that's it. Mate your arse must be hungry cos it's trying to chew the back of em up. You want em to look like that? Ok cool, alright let's see some flexing. Gimme a most muscular big fella, FLEX IT. Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about. Pump it some more buddy, yes, yeah, aww FUCK YEAH. You're gonna bust mate! That's the look you're after? FUCK man that's crazy!! Ok relax, you're good to go you freak, get on that stage mate and blow em all the fuck away!!"

    If there's not already a job fitting that role description, i'm gonna create one, apply for It and appoint myself as the successful candidate!!

  5. OK, someone has to call attention to those incredible nips on Antoine Vaillant...to die for! I would love to tweak them as he pumped up backstage so get him psyched for the competition.


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