Thursday, 21 February 2013


Lock the bedroom door, take the phone off the hook, put up an away message, and yank those boxers down around those's time for another post of ripped up pumped up jacked up muscle freaks posing at home!!

Some personal favourites from this set: The first pic of uber-gorgeous Cuban-American muscle boy Raciel Castro hitting a one armed bicep and pulling up his shirt to reveal his hot shredded abdominals, the 3rd pic of American pro bodybuilder Toney Freeman, looking like an absolute fucking MONSTER, shredded and ripped from head to toe, wearing nothing but posing trunks and socks, squeezing away with his hands gripping his fuck off huge shredded quads, face arrogantly scrunched like "fuck yeah...check this shit motherfuckers...grrrrrrrrrr", the 4th pic of ridiculously gorgeous German muscle boy Roman Fritz blowing up his huge, skin stretching biceps for the camera, and pic 20, of Canadian muscle freak Mark Richman hitting a back double bicep in a Superman cap, shiny red trunks being eaten up by his hot hard freakishly striated ass!!


  1. God I love muscle! I also love, love, love this blog! Already offered up to creamy loads of worship to the super god bodybuilders in this post. That picture of Roman Fritz is a doozie! I just want to worship these muscle gods day and night. The depth of my own obsession astounds me sometimes. These tan caked, ripped, roided to fuck, hard, rippling, dominant, powerful, hyper masculine muscle masters keep me cumming day and night. Long live muscle!

  2. OMG the naked guy outside his back door. Ripped to fucking shreds and all tanned up and totally gorgeous. I love the way these guys show off to themselves and then share it with us.These shots are so intimate. You feel you really are let into their world and it's great, grrreat, grrrrrreat!!! Feed my obsession MA and make my laundry bill as big as you and I like. OOps! here goes!!!!

  3. Another great collection! God damn these studs are gorgeous -- and they seem to know it. Mark Richman in the Superman cap. FUCK! His ripped to ribbons ass is almost eating up that shiny red suit. I see something I'd like to eat too...


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