Wednesday, 6 February 2013


A is for A hard as nails, butch as fuck, dry as a bone, ripped shredded mountain of hot Arabic man meat, i.e. the perfect fucking way of describing Ahmad Ashknani!

H is for HOLY FUCKING FUCK just look at this pumped up hottie squeeeezing out those trap exploding, skin tightening, muscle bursting monster Most Musculars with the most awesome/craziest/hottest grin on his hot mush like "eeeeeeeeee". FUCK YEAH!!

M is for Mother of all that is beefy and spunky! Just LOOK at that first shot of sexy Ahmad in those ridiculously shiny little trunks *bites fist* fucking blasting out that devastating Most Muscular...fucking gorgeous chocolate coloured paper thin skin stretched over those hard freaky slabs of pumped juicy beef, fucking awesome striations in his traps, abs cut to the Heavens and back, his whole bod seemingly plastered in freaky as fuck, nasty as hell veins, and that cheeky charming grin plastered on his gorgeous mush. JE. HEE. ZUS!!

A is for A walking, talking, strutting, stomping, lifting, pumping, flexing, squeezing, crunching, scrunching, grunting, groaning orgasm in human form! Another appropriate way of describing Mr. Ashknani.

D is for Drenched..which is exactly what my boxers end up being whenever I set my eyes on this pumped to fuck, obscenely muscular, vein splattered beef monster!

For more pics of this Arabic muscle hottie, check out my original post here.

Link to my original Ahmad post:



  1. FARRRRRKKKKKKKKKK I LOVE this hard as FUCK little tazmanian devil of a muscle beast!!!! These tight, ripped, compact, dry-as-a-bone shorty bodybuilders are REALLY doing it for me right now!! Gawd I'd love nothing more than to oil up this guy's insanely grainy veiny abs and glutes (*bites knuckle*) and then invite him bounce up and down on my swollen rod for as lonngggggg as he likes! (Though, something tells me that it'd be a pretty short ride! SPLAT!).

    1. "omfg" you randy bleedin' bugger! Well I don't know what goes in on *your* mind but I can assure you the thought of big sexy Ahmad pumped and ripped in comp condition (phwoooarrr) pulling his ridiculously bright shiny trunks (*whimpers*) down his thick meaty quads (*bites fist*) and then hopping on to my Little General (oh God) and bouncing up and down, using me like a human pogo stick (fuck fuck fuck) while blasting out a skin stretching double bicep has never EVER crossed my mind before! Nor have I ever qyetebfbdhgsadhuvs - oooops, sorry about's hard to type when your toes are curling up, your eyes are rolling in the back of your head and your boxers are filling up with two and a half pints of man milk.

  2. JEEEZASSS this dude knows how to flex and squeeze the fuck out of every pose!!! He is deffo one pumped, solid, hard as nails muscle monster. Fuckin beautiful physique and one good lookin fella, PERFECT! Love the pic where he's squeezin that most muscular to the max and posing off against another muscle dude. Ah well, clean boxers and off we go again, HELL YES!!!

    1. Make that TWO randy bleedin' buggers! Phwooooarrr!! I'm in 100% agreement with every word of that awesome/HOT comment. Ahmad squeezes out *the* hottest Most Musculars..hard solid pumped smooth marble-esque beef squeezed to fuck and bulging out..traps exploding up to his ears..veins running riot over that all tan drenched freaky beef..gorgeous/cheeky grin plastered across his handsome mush..shiny posing trunk covered bulge sticking out. I need to lie the fuck down!


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