Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Question! Which of these descriptions best fits Russian bodybuilder Andrey Skoromnyy??

A) A fuck off HUGE young Russian shredded to the fucking Heavens and back muscle BEAST!!

B) A dangerously fucking RIPPED superhuman monstrous pink posing trunk sporting FREAK!!

C) An uber-fucking MASSIVE roid stuffed awesome 'tude crazed cut to fucking fuck MONSTER!!


D) All of the above!!

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  1. OMG! Call the EMT's! I think I OD'd! Thnx, before I RIP! -- PJ

  2. Russian roid-boys are going to be the death of me.....through dehydration! And Andrei is *just* the kind of cuter-than-cute, cocky/cheeky and Yer-Huh-HUUUUUGE freaky-monster-mofo that will have me spunking until I'm nothing more than a dried-up husk! As for MA's (awesome!) pics collection, to pick one I love the most would be a bit like choosing a fave star in the heavens, but if you *force* me, as much as I always adore a huge/nasty most muscular (which this lad does to perfection) the one which has me throbbing and begging for relief the most is no. 14 where Andrei has yanked down his sweatpants in order to present to us, for our mutual worship, what can only be described as *THE* beefiest ripped quad/glute combo, ever! Those hams are huge, nasty, freaky and just plain fucking LICKABLE! Of course all those words can also be applied to Andrei as a whole, not just his mondo wheels/arse-meat! Beautiful lad, beautiful body, beautiful blog entry! ;-)

  3. every shot is heartstopping, massive, shredded, titanic, granite, cuter-than-cute, young russian, mad scientist produced human morph. that said i have to agree with showme, that yanked down sweatpants shot is so hot in the animals natural enviroment of iron and erotic muscle sweat drenched screams, grunts and groans, only wish those soft cotton briefs were soaked in the orgasmic scent of the young monsters sweat. now my briefs are soaked. great post addict. glad you got in a couple shots of his young beyond adorable muscle buddy ivan.

  4. I think he's even better than Lesukov! AMAZING SUPERSTUD!!!!

  5. None of what you said in your intro, is an exaggeration. Andrey is all of the above and more.

    We often hear of his friend Alexy Lesukov, but I prefer Andrey, to me he has much better aesthetics.

    Naturally very cute (handsome). Bright eyes and dashing smile.

    I like when he displays his darker moods, he looks even hotter especially with that muscle he has.

    This shot was mind blowing, kind of reminds me of a panther strong and sleak, except that he is human.
    On the prowl

    Then there was this, which grabbed me

    A standout guy

    A massive upper body, tapering down to a tiny waist, and cut thighs that flare out (which he is slowly improving). To top it all he looks so inspired. The lighting makes it look as if he's giving off some sort of aura. (Peter Molnar, had better watch out, Andrey could push him hard in the aesthetic department)

    Fuck!! The guy is mighty indeed and totally beautiful.

    TMA, you post and I simply marvel.

  6. Hey Addict, I like Andrey and one day maybe he be as massive and phenomenal as of some of the other Russian muscle beasts, like Michael Sidorychev, Alexey Lesukov, or Alexander Kodzoev.
    He does have great proportions!

  7. You've done it again addict! To my disgrace I'd never heard of this ripped/monstrous/superhuman god! Today is a good day! What a sexy muscle master. He's got it all, beautiful boyish looks and killer blue eyes, a huge bulging upper body, and sweeps and cuts in those flaring quads deeper than the grand canyon. He's a bona fide spunk monster. I've already worshipped twice today and he brings on a cum explosion in no time at all. Would love to be dominated by this uber-god and feel his masculine power as he forces me to kneel and praise his massive/giant/huge roided up muscles. Muscle worship is the best!

  8. In. Fucking. Sane. Sprayed hard looking at that bulked up pumped up close up of this Muscle God in the white tank. I will be back to worship this Stud again and again. My balls are going to ache but he deserves every drop of Real Man admiration, the least I can do to show my appreciation and submission for his hard work and superiority.

  9. if he cut his hair he will be more nice looking and sexy

  10. Yea his awful bedhead throws everything below it away.

  11. Picture 15 shows the muscle god beside an ordinary mortal. No wonder we fall down and worship - look at the shirt straining to contain the massive pecs and traps and the arms bursting out of the pushed up sleeves. He deserves every drop of juice we can produce in his honour!

  12. Huge dude and very handsome ... but that hair/wig has got to go! Cut that mop! It's straight off Chekov from old Star Trek reruns. EEEK!

  13. amazing dude and goodlooking with it.What a body.


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