Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Lovers of hard/nasty/freaky/huge/striated/juicy arses/asses/booties/botties rejoice..it's time for another glutes post!! Phwoooarrrrr!! Some personal favourite pics from this collection: the first INSANE pic of those hard nasty man glutes tensing to fuck as the owner cheekily places his hands on his hams. Such a fucking mental and horny image!! The 2nd pic of American beef stud Brad Rowe flexing a big back double bi as his hot little muscle bootie swallows up his undies. YOINK!! The 3rd pic of Andrey Skoromnyy in his hoodie cheekily showing off the side of his arse cheek while his massive thick thigh bulges out for days. The 4th pic of Russian cutie patootie Ivan Kochetkov flexing a back double bicep, trackies down his ankles, his HOT little boy glutes peeking out of those cute little undies. SLURP! The 7th pic of Canadian beef hottie Greg Doucette leaning over his bath..the camera close up to his insanely hard freaky striated ass. Check out the fucking LINES on that bootie!! The 13th pic of American teen bodybuilder Dominick Cardone tanned to the Heavens and back BUTT fucking naked squeezing out a cheeky back double bi. What a cutie bum ripped up lil' ass. WOOFS!! And lastly, the 17th pic of big Arabic muscle daddy BEAST Anwar Saif..his BIIIIG juicy bootie blowing out...his obscenely shiny blue material of his hot as fuck posing trunks getting devoured by all that juicy man meat. JEE. ZUS. WEPT!! I need to lie down...


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  1. OMFGGGGGG!!!!!! I'm about to faint! Love seeing all these RIPPED TO FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK shredded glutes on display, especially when you can really make those deeply cut LINES of muscle almost cutting through the skin. And WHO is number 18?? You'd need the jaws of life to pry those bowling ball glutes apart!! And those hammies!!! PhEW!! MA you naughty bugger, always making me late for work with your ah-maze-ing posts ;)

  2. You are excellent- love your intro-- not as much as I love those muscle fuckin mounds of great glutes you have posted. The one by the poool must be Troy Alves cause I recognize is beautiful brown glutes anywhere and would love to manifest my man meat being clenched between his glutes real deep for days. I am now going to look at all your glute posts again slowly-- keep them coming. Thanks. What's better than bodybuilders-nothing butt Naked Hard Bodybuilders.

  3. Always love the wonderful glutes posts!!

  4. The guy in the green posers, totally SICK (f'ing excellent). Those are legs, calves and an ass to drool over.

    Pure power produced that beef and those veins, PHWOAR!!!!! The curling posers, nestled on mounds of beefy man butt.

    And then there is Miha (Zupan), Justin Compton and Hidetada Yamagashi (all owners of some very hot glutes).

    Far out MA, I'm not tiring of butt posts in the slightest.



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